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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Finland This Winter

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”- Seneca

People love to travel! Be it summer or winter traveling, they just love the different views that Mother Nature projects to us every season. One country where traveling in both season is just a wonder is Finland. We give you some strong points why to travel to Finland this winter.



  1. Happiest and Safest Country in the World
    It is said that the happiest people are found in Finland and I guess it’s true! According to a recent World Happiness Report based on 156 countries, Finland beats all countries in terms of different factors. According to 2018 Travel Risk Map, this heaven has the lowest threat level and rates itself in the first position.
  2. Meet Santa Claus
    The country of Santa Claus! Yes, finally, your childhood dream can come true. Visit Lapland in Finland, where you can relax at Santa’s seaside retreat, explore his home and capture a camera moment with his reindeer! Oh, I almost forgot, your kids can meet and speak to Santa Claus! However, for a picture, be ready to spend a bit.
  3. Spend Your Days At A Lakeside Cottage
    Do you want to wake up to an all white view? Then be prepared to experience the peace of a lakeside cottage! There’s nothing better than living like a local while traveling and Finland is the perfect place to start.
  4. Try Ice Fishing
    Don’t miss on ice fishing! Imagine walking on frozen waters in the middle of nowhere, then you make a hole through the ground and dip in your fishing line and wait! It’s like a meditation “à la” Finnish.
  5. The Northern Lights
    Every once a clear night, enjoy the Northern lights in Lapland. Though they are visible roughly 200 nights a year, you would not want to miss a chance to see it and be amazed.
  6. Stay in Glass Igloos This Winter
    Cross off staying in an igloo when in Finland! They are pretty amazing to stay in and always an architectural wonder. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  7.  Go on A Husky Ride
    Get ready for a ride that you will remember life-long! Experience the ride while being trailed by a team of adorable huskies. Be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty!
  8.  Try Your Hand At Saunas
    Finns are the sauna champions and no one can ever take that from them! With a whopping 3 million saunas in total, sauna culture is about relaxing the mind and body. Saunas are a necessity rather than a luxury in Finland.
  9.  Winter Swimming
    Not for faint of heart! After the time in saunas, most Finnish take a plunge into the freezing water. Even children do it!
  10.  Taste Their Cuisine
    Dig into a creative dish from Finland! With initiatives like ‘Restaurant Day’ where anyone can set up a restaurant, stall or bar for a great time together! Whether it is coffee or delicious crayfish, your taste buds are sure going to be pleased.


Are there more reasons why you need to go?



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