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20 Reasons Why Traveling is Important!

“Once in a while go to a place, you’ve never been to before.”- Dalai Lama. That being said, I also believe that traveling opens up our mind about other cultures, norms and learn new things about ourselves and the world around us. There is an argument that traveling increases your expenses, that’s not exactly true!

Ticking off the bucket list and being able to recount the countries you’ve visited and also how the travel impacts you as a person and how it increases your humane side are some of the appealing points of traveling.


If you still need a little convincing, here are enough reasons to change your mind on traveling!

1. It keeps your mind more open to new things around you. Your focus towards life changes.

2. Traveling is an escape from the daily life. Experiencing new paths delights your mind and heart.

3. It helps you take up challenges and get out of your comfort zone.

4. It boosts your confidence and makes you aware of yourself.

5. You know more about other cultures.

6. It increases your knowledge about things that you’ve just heard till now!

7. You learn new languages. Yes, You Do! I Did!

8. Relive the scenes of a documentary.

9. Traveling solo is one way to discover yourself and know more about yourself. Being alone helps you to connect with yourself more!

10. Taste the different cuisines. Have a memorable food experience.

11. Get more souvenirs. Buy souvenirs as they are the proof of your stay in those places.

12. Even if you are not a professional photographer. You do become one after traveling as you would not want to miss those amazing places.

13. You become appreciative of nature. The difference in the natural life in your country compared to that of a foreign country is different and that is mesmerizing.

14. Traveling helps you break habits: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

15. Promoting patience by releasing heavy expectations of the “one right way” mentality thereby allowing life to flow more organically.

16. The opportunity to get lost and face one’s fears of the unknown is always something that you can never anticipate.

17. Create relationships, long-lasting ones. Meet new people, the locals and build a connection with them.

18. Be adventurous. Dare to take up the snake and wrap it around your neck!

19. Traveling improves your geography.

20. It helps you get closer to your roots.

I guess that’s more than enough reasons why you should travel and explore more of what the world has to offer!

So when are you packing your bags?



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