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6 Reasons Why Pizza Is Good for You

Pizza often gets a bad reputation because it’s associated with gluttony and a meal on the run around town. But whether you prefer to eat a few pieces on the go or eat cold pizza the morning after a night out with friends, it actually has some health benefits.

The Health Sciences Institute in Baltimore says American pizzas are made differently than Italian pizzas, which traditionally have a thinner crust and therefore contain fewer empty calories than American pizzas. But both varieties of pizza contain a key ingredient that can fight disease, the institute says. Here are six reasons why you’ll feel less guilty about chowing down on a delicious slice of pizza…

1- Pizza can help fight cancer

The key ingredient in tomato sauce is called lycopene, according to the Health Sciences Institute. It’s found in American and Italian pizza and is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent cancer and protect you from heart disease.

However, the institute notes that just as with other foods, the benefits come from eating pizza in moderation (a few slices a week, not a whole pizza at a time). He also states that lycopene is best absorbed by the body when it is hot, so in this case, cold pizza loses its appeal.

2- The sauce can boost your immunity

In addition to the anti-cancer benefits already mentioned (Men’s Fitness magazine specifically mentions prostate cancer), the magazine reveals that tomato sauce is rich in vitamin C, which your body needs to avoid common illnesses like the common cold.

Again, the key is in the right ingredients. A University of Arizona study reveals that adding oregano to your pizza sauce can give your immune system an even bigger boost. The active ingredient in oregano is carvacrol, which can protect the liver as well as encourage blood sugar balance.

3- Pizza contains (mostly) nutritious ingredients

Of course, this depends heavily on what you order as pizza toppings. Men’s Fitness magazine says that it’s the overkill on the toppings or overeating of pizzas that makes them less healthy and relegates them to the junk food category. Ordering a four-cheese topping, a double charcuterie topping or a super thick crust is not in your favour.

Instead of a thick, filled crust, opt for a whole thin crust, the magazine suggests. Whole grains will fill you up more, and you’ll eat less of them to reduce your risk of stroke and diabetes (some white crusts are loaded with sugar). Also, choose healthier toppings such as broccoli, ham, parmesan, garlic, and even pineapple, which offer nutritional benefits.

4- Pizza covers all food groups

6 Reasons Why Pizza Is Good for You

Another good thing about pizza is that you don’t need 5 different meals to consume your recommended food intake for the day. The major food groups are fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meat and grains, and they are all represented in one pizza.

Think pineapple and tomatoes to consume fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruit); broccoli, peppers or spinach for your vegetable quota; cheese for the dairy component (you can substitute with low-fat cheese); chicken or ham for the lean meat group; and a whole wheat crust for the grain component. And that’s it! You’ve covered all your bases in one meal.

5- Pizza can stimulate your brain

Some ingredients found in pizza are proven to be good for the brain. Spinach is a rich source of folacin, which encourages blood flow to the brain. A 2015 Huffington Post article notes that a daily serving of spinach can slow cognitive decline in seniors due to vitamin K content.

While consuming tasty ingredients may make you feel good, it could be more than just the flavour that makes you smile. The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science explains that certain foods can affect your serotonin levels, a hormone linked to mood. The higher the serotonin, the better you feel. Pineapple and spinach are considered serotonin boosters, as is milk, a key ingredient in pizza cheeses.

Where can I get high-quality pizza?

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