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10 Romance Novels That Deserve to Be On Your Vacation (Part 1)

Whether you’ll be traveling to a culturally rich country like India or to a romantic country like France, if you are a fan of romance novels, you’ll love the stories of Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts is an American writer best known for her romantic novels. She has been writing and publishing a great number of romances since 1980. So, if you are looking for some of her most interesting, steamy and captivating romance novels, this list has got you covered!


BirthrightNora Roberts is the author of more than 225 romance novels, but “Birthright” is probably one of her best works. It is a book that has everything a good novel should have –heart-stopping romance, light comedy, a not-so-fast-not-so-slow plot, suspense and a little touch of drama. If you love romance novels and looking for mature yet sweet romantic stories, this book is for you!

Birthright takes place in the town of Woodsboro and follows Dr. Callie Dunbrook – a 29-year-old archaeologist – who has been given a chance to inspect and excavate a construction site where five thousand-year-old human bones are discovered. This is an exciting opportunity for Callie as this could mark the find of the century and shape her career. However, her excitement is short-lived as she discovers that her ex-husband, Jake Greysone –an anthropologist – would also be a part of the team. They have been divorced for nearly a year, but it seems like they still harbor strong feelings for each other.

As Callie quickly throws herself into her work, she is hit by another surprise –a very tragic one. According to Suzanne Cullen, Callie is her long-lost daughter who was once stolen from a mall. Of course, the strong-headed Callie refuses to believe her as her parents never mentioned anything about her being an adopted child. However, as she learns the truth, she finds her whole world being pulled out from under her.

While overseeing the dig and having to deal with angry locals, Callie has to juggle between accepting her new family and resisting her ex-husband. As she tries to find solutions to the problems in her life, danger emerges in the form of death and misfortune.

Will Callie discover that there is someone who is determined to keep the past buried? Will she become the daughter Suzanne has always waited for? But, most importantly, how will she cope with the presence of the irritating-yet-irresistible Jake?

The Witness

The Witness

It’s a fact that this book had viewers hooked from the very start.

Unlike her other books, Nora Roberts starts with a very enthralling beginning. We are introduced to the sweet and timid Elizabeth Fitch. Elizabeth is not your typical teenager who will struggle with her identity or be obsessed with her appearance. At sixteen years old, Elizabeth –never Liz or Beth – is a confident girl who studies diligently, dresses conservatively, plays both piano and violin and speaks fluent Spanish, French and Italian. She can name of the bones, nerves and muscles in the human body, but she can’t tell what it’s like to kiss or date a boy. She has never had pizza with a friend, never attended a party and never roamed the mall with a pack of girls. She is what you’d call a product of her mother’s detailed and scrupulous agenda.

As sweet Elizabeth decides to rebel and go to a hot club with her new friend, her life takes an unexpected twist as she witnesses a gruesome incident. Eventually, the events that followed changed the course of her life forever and that’s when Abigail Lowery was born.

Twelve years later, despite having settled in a small town in the Ozarks, Abigail lives a very secluded life. She keeps to herself, avoids socializing with neighbors and prefers the companion of her assortment of firearms and a fierce dog. However, things start to change when she crosses paths with the police chief, Brooks Gleason. For Brooks, Abigail intrigues him as no other woman did before and he is determined to break through the walls she built around herself.

While our quirky heroine does her best not to reveal anything, she finds it hard to resist a good man. However, is she willing to risk her heart –again?



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