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The Komodo Islands are one of the most unique and enchanting places in Indonesia, and it is no coincidence that they were inscribed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1991. The park is world-renowned as a habitat for the Komodo dragon. It is a concentration of stunning landscapes, idyllic beaches, and a wonderful seabed rich in marine life.

Komodo National Park is a place you should not miss on your vacation in Indonesia. Its stunning nature, safe and calm waters, and wide choice of activities make it perfect for all types of travelers!

When to Visit Komodo?

The climate in this part of Indonesia is tropical, characterized by two seasons: a rainy season from December to March and a dry season from April to November. Minimum temperatures range from 21°C to 25°C, and maximum temperatures range from 32°C to 35°C. Precipitation is concentrated during the rainy season, but is generally not intense.

The best time to visit the Komodo Islands is between June and September, when temperatures are warm but not muggy, and rainfall is almost non-existent.

Komodo Archipelago: What to See and Do?

Komodo Island and Rinca Island, the Dragon Island

Komodo Island is the only place in the world, after Rinca Island, home to the monitor lizard, a major reason to visit. It is not often that you can walk on the same ground as the largest saurians in existence and be close enough to hear them breathe.

Trekking on Komodo and Rinca islands allows you to see other wildlife at your leisure, from buffalo and Timorese deer to the friendly yellow-bellied parakeets and long-tailed macaques. The landscape of the islands is a mix of rugged savannah and greenery. Although the hilly terrain is a bit strenuous, you will be rewarded with spectacular archipelago views.

Pink Beach

Komodo Island’s Pink Beach is arguably the most famous beach in the archipelago. Pieces of coral rich in red pigment and fine white sand give it a unique hue.

The clear water, sparkling in the sunlight, breaks up the pink shoreline, creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The pink beach is situated in a bay with coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, making it the perfect place for a few hours of rest and snorkeling.

Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island is the perfect place to take a break between trekking and snorkeling. The hilly landscape and beautiful soft sandy beaches provide the ideal setting for a few hours of complete relaxation. You can dive directly from the shore and observe the underwater world with its colorful fish.

Kelor Island

Kelor Island is the quietest of the Komodo Islands. Its pristine landscapes, beautiful beaches, and calm waters make it the perfect place to spend a peaceful day in nature. There are no accommodations on this island, but you can take a day trip from Labuan Bajo and be overwhelmed by its serenity.

Kelor island Labuan bajo. Indonesia | Kelor


The island takes its name from its inhabitants: Kalong means “bats”. These creatures live in the mangrove forests and fly up in the afternoon in search of food.

The best time to visit Kalong Island is at dusk, when the sky is filled with hundreds of giant bats, a sight to behold.


Padar Island is, in our opinion, the most attractive of the Komodo Islands.

The landscape is characterized by high hills, cliffs jutting out into the sea, turquoise bays, and sandy beaches in a variety of colors: black, white, and pink.

The trek may be arduous, but once you reach the top and the panoramic view of Padar unfolds before your eyes, the hard work is instantly forgotten.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Share your experience with us in the comments below!



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