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The Most Popular Activities in the Loire Valley

Getaways often serve as the best opportunities that allow you to invigorate yourself. Indeed, during these times, you have the privilege of discovering new landscapes and doing plenty of fun activities. To better enjoy these stays, visiting the Loire Valley region is often recommended. Very seen, this French area abounds in many wonders. But what are the main activities it offers to visitors?

Take a Boat Trip

The Loire Valley region is an area full of fabulous places. So, to enhance their stay, visitors choose to take a boat trip to discover the region. Here, you need to rent a traditional boat and hire a sailor or a specialist to help you navigate the waters. During this short trip, you will be able to admire the color of the water and the architecture of the castles that pass before your eyes. Since this trip is enjoyable and relaxing, it is one of the tourists’ first activities.

To make this moment pleasant, you can contemplate the landscape while tasting, for example, the area’s local food. When you opt for a boat trip to the Loire Valley, you will also have the privilege to visit Denis Retiveau’s winery and consume the good wines of the region. This experience gives you the chance to appreciate new gastronomy. So, for your next trip to the Loire Valley, don’t hesitate to take a boat ride.

Discover the Landscape With a Biplane

A boat trip is undoubtedly a good fun activity. But, when you take a trip in a biplane, you will experience more sensations. In fact, besides boating, the Loire Valley region also offers biplane rides. To do this, you will have to climb into a biplane and fly over the region’s landscape. This activity in the Loire Valley is the ideal solution for those who want to relax and relieve stress.

During this activity, you will be able to better appreciate the beauty of the buildings and castles in the area. In these circumstances, you can also take landscape pictures to immortalize these moments. The biplane trip also helps you to get fresh air on your body and to discover the wildlife of the area. Such experiences can only produce euphoria in you. In this case, choose this activity to have a good time in the Loire Valley.

Visit the Maison Bouvet Ladubay

A visit to the Maison Bouvet Ladubay is a must among the most popular activities in the Loire Valley. Because of its benefits, this activity is quite popular with tourists. First, visiting the Maison Bouvet Ladubay allows you to explore the sparkling wine cellars of the region. So, if you are a wine lover, you will have more pleasure in exploring this region. But, apart from the wine cellars, this part of the Loire Valley also contains underground galleries.

So, to have fun, you can decide to walk the 5Km of these underground galleries. For more ecstasy, take this route using a bicycle and helmets equipped with torches. Along the way, you will learn more about the wine-making process and the processes that define the making of the underground galleries. With such an activity in the Loire Valley, you can properly relax and enjoy the region.




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