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Souvenirs: 5 Best Gift Ideas To Bring Back From Auvergne

The city of Auvergne is a region rich in natural and tourist sites. It is one of the best destinations to explore new horizons in France. Apart from the many activities that can be discovered there, note that this city has exceptional gastronomy. If you cannot bring your loved ones, you must consider bringing them souvenirs. It is a mark of attention that will surely please them. Here are the 5 original gift ideas you can get from Auvergne!

How About Handmade Belts?

If you’re looking for gift ideas that are out of the ordinary, then belts are what you need. Indeed, in terms of gifts, it is not really the first idea that comes to mind, hence the originality of such an object. In Auvergne, everything is based on the artisanal side. It is not about belts of great designers or those made from costly materials. You can therefore find in some stores, creations quite exceptional. It is possible to opt for leather belts of excellent quality. The advantage here is that they are available in various colors. You can let your imagination run wild between green, blue, red or gray. If you are spoilt for choice, you can buy several of them at an exceptional price. It is possible to buy belts for less than 29 euros.

Why Not Turn To Wooden Puzzles?

Among the original creations you can discover in this region of France, it should be noted that the puzzles occupy a place of choice. These are not ordinary play tools, as they are made of good quality wood. It is possible to opt for various models of puzzle as the wooden horse, for example. Besides the unique colors you can find, it is essential to know that these games are highly beneficial for the mind. You can offer it to your children to make them little geniuses. It is also an exciting game to play with your family during winter evenings.

Why Not Opt for Original Jewelry?

Although the creations found in Auvergne are exceptionally handcrafted, it should be noted that you can also have access to unique pieces. Indeed, it is possible to offer silver, bronze, or glass jewelry. Some bracelets are made of sumptuous pearls to give even more allure to their wearer. If you are spoilt for choice, and it is clear that you will be, it is best to take a variety of jewelry. You can choose original and unique pieces (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets) to enhance your look. Moreover, don’t worry about how much you will have to spend, because these creations are accessible from about 10 euros.

Bijoux Regionaux Auvergne

What if Bamboo Cutlery Was the Solution?

Obviously, this is a very unusual gift idea. Bamboo cutlery is your best option if you want to be out of the ordinary. They are natural and sustainable kitchen accessories. You can also use it for interior decoration. There is no risk of breakage or rust. It is, therefore, a long-term investment. As in other cases, there is a wide range that is offered. You can either opt for plates or choose ladles.

Why Not Choose Original Clothing?

Some people will undoubtedly think this is too classic an idea, but it is not. Indeed, these are not simple clothes, but instead, clothes intended for disguising occasions. Between the clothes of pirates, princesses, or even musketeers, we must admit that the choice is quite varied. You can go to the stores to choose original clothes at exceptional prices for the whole family.



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