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Let’s Talk about “Explore France Travel Week”

The transportation sector is a dynamic field that contributes to the development of Western countries. For this, several structures are working and advocating to find strategies and solutions to improve the activities of this field. As strategies carried out, there is the organization of the Workshop ”Explore France Travel Week”, which is part of the most beautiful initiatives. But, what can we understand about this workshop? What does it consist of? What are its objectives?

Explore France Travel Week: What Does This Expression Mean?

Explore France Travel Week is a workshop organized to unite several actors and professionals from the tourism and transportation sectors. This meeting is prepared and managed by French structures (e.g. Atout France) and other well-known media groups. For the circumstance, this workshop takes place over two to four days at most. These different explanations justify the concept of ”Explore France Travel Week”.

Speaking of this workshop, you should also know that this event brings together various actors from different places, such as travel organizers, travel agencies, prescribers, journalists, etc. This group of professionals exchanges to find solutions to increase the British and Irish tourist flow towards the French area. Based on these facts, it is evident that this initiative is revolutionary and appropriate for developing tourism in the French zone.

Explore France Travel Week: What Does This Workshop Consist Of?

Explore France Travel Week is a workshop that is quite different from others. Indeed, the event is organized on a platform where the different speakers can easily exchange. It is, therefore, an essentially virtual event. This initiative is taken because most actors are not in the same territory. Thus, with the virtual, they can see their faces and converse more easily.

For the workshop, the dates are chosen by the organizers. They communicate the meeting details a few days in advance on a platform. Registrations are made by email, and the organizing committee can take care of registering them properly. By following this process, each of the actors will be able to intervene and bring their contribution during the Explore France Travel Week event.

Explore France Travel Week: What Are the Objectives?

The Explore France Travel Week workshop is an event that seeks to address certain shortcomings in the tourism sector. To do this, the organizers want to achieve particular specific objectives. First, this workshop aims to maintain the links between professionals in the field of transportation. Also, it seeks to allow each actor to diversify his network with new contacts.

Moreover, during this virtual meeting, the participants try to highlight the novelties in terms of destinations, accommodations, and cultural sites in the French area. This initiative is intended to attract British and Irish professionals, for example, and to encourage them to work towards increasing the flow of tourists to the French zone.

Explore France Travel Week: What Are the Recent Workshops Organized?

Explore France Travel Week is an event organized periodically throughout the year. For the year 2020, this workshop took place in November (November 23 to November 27). It brought together the main actors of the distribution in the UK and Ireland and French partners. To complete the resolutions of this November 2020 edition, other virtual meetings have been organized in 2021.

For the year 2021, two workshops have already been organized in April 2021 and June 2021. As rich in information as each other, these two workshops have better consolidated the links of the actors and allowed to generate more visibility for French actors. In this way, the tourism and transportation sector will be able to better excel in the French zone.



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