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Launched in 2011 by the Limousin regional committee, Tèrra Aventura acts as entertainment for vacationers and families. Perceived as a treasure hunt or a hike, this event offers participants many games and challenges to keep them entertained. Given the event’s notoriety, the organizing committee launched the 11th season on June 26, 2021. Indeed, there has been many surprises for the participants.

11th Season of Tèrra Aventura: A Historic Event in the French Region

Since its first launch in 2011, Tèrra Aventura has never ceased to impress the public. Indeed, during each edition, the organizers develop innovations that amaze the participants. To perpetuate this astonishment of New Aquitaine, the organizing committee launched on June 26, 2021 the 11th season of Tèrra Aventura. This new season seems more exciting and interesting than the previous ones. For this season, the event exceeds the number of 1.2 million players.

In fact, due to the size of the event, the participants are not only from the New Aquitaine region. A significant number of players also come from the surrounding areas. Apart from this fact, it should be noted that this new season of Tèrra Aventura offers enough novelties and good opportunities for holidaymakers to enjoy with their families. These different realities prove that this new season of Tèrra Aventura remains a historic event in New Aquitaine.

11th Season of Tèrra Aventura: What’s New for This New Edition?

As a participant, if you liked the previous editions of Tèrra Aventura, you will certainly be dazzled with the 11th season. Indeed, the organizers have planned many surprises to impress the participants. In terms of novelties, the 11th season incorporates 60 new and unpublished routes on the participants’ itinerary. These new courses are full of pitfalls and will offer great adventures to the players. In addition, this new season also welcomes the return of the Poiz. The Poiz are small characters in the game that act as badges for players.

Given these innovations, we must admit that the 11th season of Tèrra Aventura will be very rich in emotions and surprises. However, the inventions are not limited to the above details. To further satisfy the participants, the Organizing Committee proposes French B&Bs in New Aquitaine for the new season of Tèrra Aventura. This initiative will help players who wish to stay in the region and enjoy their vacations. To reward this group of participants, the organizers guarantee an exclusive badge to players who book a cottage with the word “Zevacances21”.

11th Season of Tèrra Aventura: Entertainment for Everyone

The innovations incorporated in the new season of Tèrra Aventura are better ways to optimize the euphoria of the participants. In fact, with the new routes, participants will be able to discover new places and landscapes. This experience will amaze and entertain them. Moreover, as a participant, you will be able to share good moments of discovery with your relatives and other participants. The trek in the open air in search of the treasure will be good for you and invigorate your energy.

Apart from these different elements, it should be noted that the possibility of staying on the premises represents a good alternative for families. Indeed, this initiative allows you to have fun with your loved ones all day. This cohesion can strengthen the fraternal or family ties between you and your loved ones. Based on these facts, it is clear that the 11th season of Tèrra Aventura will be a suitable adventure for everyone. To learn more about this adventure, you must go to Tèrra Aventura’s social networks or the official website of this tourist event.

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