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5 Spanish Drinks You Should Absolutely Try

In our gastronomic tour of the destinations, we usually give great priority to the traditional gastronomy of each region, but there is something we can’t leave out: the drinks. That’s because each culture has its particular drinks, the flavors of each land. This is precisely what we will explore in the article below. But not with any drink, nor with any culture, as today, we will dive into the world of Spanish drinks.

Spain, a country known for its wines, for the Sangria, and for all those drinks that the rest of the world longs for. Well, you shouldn’t leave to discover Spain without knowing first all the drinks you will have to taste during your stay. Just like Spanish gastronomy, its customs and traditions have also made the world go round.

Whether it is wines or drinks a little more traditional, Spanish drinks have managed to reach the palates of the whole world and this is something we owe to this great culture. Eager to learn more? Join us on this culinary journey.

1. Cava

We have to start our list of these Spanish drinks by talking about Cava. It is a sparkling wine very similar to champagne. This wine has a special and traditional preparation that is made in the region of Cava, in Penedés, Catalonia. For this reason, there is no better city to go to taste this Spanish drink from Penedés.

However, this sparkling wine is also prepared in other regions of Spain, such as Barcelona, La Rioja, Girona and Navarra, among others. There are many other drinks that you should try if you visit Spain, but, without a doubt, if you want to tour one of its traditional drinks, you can’t leave out cava.

2. Horchata

Homemade Mexican Horchata Recipe - Olivia's Cuisine

Another of the traditional drinks of this beautiful country, and that you may not have known, is the horchata with tiger nut. It is a drink from Valencia, prepared with sugar, water and wet or ground tiger nuts. Its flavor is complemented by other ingredients such as cinnamon or lemon peel. In fact, this drink is not entirely native to Spain, since there is evidence that in ancient Egypt, a drink was already prepared with tiger nut.

However, those who have adopted and promoted this drink as a tradition that is part of their culture are the Spaniards. The horchata originates from Alboraya, a municipality in the community of Valencia, and it is therefore in these lands that you can taste the best horchata in all of Spain.

3. Cider

You probably already knew this, because cider was already popular during the ancient times. It is a kind of wine that, instead of being made with grapes, is made with pears or apples. We say a kind of wine because, at the beginning, the wine was rather a kind of cider, but because of its quality and its particular flavor, it became independent and acquired its own name. On the other hand, this fermented drink prepared with pears and apples made its way in the opposite direction.

4. Coffee Liqueur

Spanish Coffee – A Couple Cooks

Coffee liqueur is one of the most popular liqueurs in Galicia. However, its origins go back to Jamaica, where it was created in the seventeenth century. It is, as its name suggests, a coffee-based liqueur that is usually prepared with marc or brandy. It is also the most popular drink in the city of Ourense. Its inhabitants claim that this drink originated there.

This is probably reason enough to try the coffee liqueur there, where it is well known and where special attention is paid to its preparation. In fact, this liquor is also often known as Orujo de Galicia.

5. Sangria

We are already at the second to last position on our list, and it’s a good time to ask ourselves: does alcohol really kill neurons? Don’t worry, the answer is no, however, it does cause some damage, so don’t go overboard trying any of these drinks, let alone sangria.

Because, yes, sangria is delicious, but it has a fundamental danger: it looks like a fruit juice, so you drink it as if it were, which can end very badly. However, it is one of the Spanish drinks that you should not miss.

There you are! You now know which five drinks you should absolutely try when traveling to Spain. Have you decided which dishes you want to taste? Let us know in the comments below.


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