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Weekend in Auvergne: Mobile Home or Luxury Hotel?

If you want to get away from it all and escape from the city’s noise, why not go to Auvergne? You will discover atypical places with their wild and beautiful landscapes—the ideal destination for hiking lovers and road trip fans. The Auvergne is also home to a spa where you can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing moment, and there are many great sites and places to visit. Moreover, choosing accommodation to stay in also completes the vacation atmosphere. To have a good stay and enjoy your vacation, choose a place close to the tourist attractions, especially those you like. In Auvergne, there are luxury hotels and also mobile homes. So, what to choose?

A Mobile Home

In reality, a mobile home is a leisure residence for vacations. The mobile home can be moved and transported. This particular house looks like a big caravan and can be arranged according to your wishes. It consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and a sleeping area.

For a large family, it is possible to choose a large mobile home to have a larger sleeping space. However, there are some disadvantages to buying a large model. It may cost a little more, but you may also have trouble finding a suitable location.

Mobile homes should not be installed on private land. The clauses of the land rental contracts are also more or less complex. Therefore, it is essential to check the agreement before concluding.

Many accommodation sites, especially those located in the countryside, currently offer mobile homes instead of bungalows. Plus, it’s more convenient than moving your own for such a short stay. They are usually more affordable and can accommodate several people. This provides more comfort, as you will feel at home. In addition, the kitchens are generally oriented towards the outside, allowing vacationers to enjoy their mealtime in the open air.

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Luxury Hotel

There are many criteria to consider when choosing the type of accommodation. Budget and comfort are among them. Luxury hotels are relatively expensive but have comfortable rooms.

By choosing to stay in a luxury hotel, you will have the privilege to enjoy the many activities that are offered in the compound. You can go swimming, play tennis, and also have access to a spa. If you have children, there is also an adapted leisure area. This allows you to enjoy your vacation and rest.

In Auvergne, there is no lack of places to visit. Although it is located about 3 hours by train from Paris, it is like the north and the south, since the area seems to be far from civilization. The villages of Auvergne are pretty fascinating, and mountains and lakes decorate the landscape. In addition, the Auvergne is home to the largest Regional Nature Park of Volcanoes in France.

To save time and make sure you visit as many places as possible, be more astute in choosing the hotel where you will stay. Opt for one close to the tourist sites. This will save you from spending money on renting a means of transportation.

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