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Beach Or Mountains? Let These 10 Traits Decide Which Team You’re On In 2022

The majesty of mountains or the depths of the seas? Is it the sound of waves or the serenity and quiet of the hills you prefer? Do you prefer a relaxing beach or a peaceful mountain retreat? You still don’t trust us? Although each visitor’s preferences may differ, it’s amazing to see how certain tourist traits might lead them to choose between a beach and the mountains. The characteristics were created to capture the actual spirit of a traveler. Scroll down and use these 10 personality traits to determine if you’re a beach person or a mountain person.

1. Extroverts Vs. Introverts

According to research conducted at the University of Virginia, being an extrovert or an introvert has a relationship with the geographic desired location of the destination. The paper claims that extroverts are the beach folks who are more prone to the trendy and happening beach scene, based on 613,000 personality questionnaires. On the other hand, introverts love the calm and quiet of the mountains and natural settings, where they can just be themselves.

2. High On Energy Vs. High On Nature

Beach people are usually busy and very energetic in their daily lives, given beach life’s optimistic nature. On the other hand, Mountain vacationers are more balanced tourists who like being in nature. They firmly believe in being present in the moment and focusing on one task at a time.

3. Social Butterfly Vs. Self-Centered

A beach person is seen as more of a social butterfly in the virtual world. A beach person is more likely to record now and then, share it across all social media platforms, respond to each remark, and become addicted to their phone. On the other hand, a mountain person would gladly abandon the virtual world to reconnect with the actual one. When it comes to the beach or mountains, the person who decides to be a mountain monk does their hardest to avoid people’s gaze and the camera.

4. Naturally Restless Vs. Naturally Reserved

Individuals on the beach and in the mountains are content in their ways. A beach person may appear carefree and cheery, but a mountain person may look quiet and composed while being happy. So, the extent to which they display their joy and enthusiasm determines whether they choose the beach or the mountains.

5. Go-Getter Vs. Creative

People who live on the beach and those on the mountain have quite different work lives. Mountain folks are more visionary than beach people, more go-getters who believe in getting things done. They are a group of creative thinkers that believe that creativity has no temporal limit. They excel at finding beauty in simplicity.

6. Prefers Alienation vs. Likes Association

One factor determining whether a person loves the beach or the mountains is the ability to get along with individuals who have similar or different interests. While beachgoers like making new acquaintances on the move and are always ready to interact, mountain dwellers prefer to be alone and find serenity in solitude.

7. Conversationalist Vs. Listener

A beach person excels in starting a conversation with anybody, anywhere, and anytime. They can talk their way to fame at the beach, in the city, at a club, movie, or in a restaurant. If a mountain individual receives along with you, on the other hand, you’ve made a lifelong buddy who can also be a terrific listener. Mountain people like to watch rather than discuss, which is shown in their preference for the beach or the mountains.

8. Materialistic Vs Romantic

In a world of beach bums, it’s uncommon to come across someone who can romanticize nature. However, when it comes to vacation, a beach person is more materialistic than a mountain person. While a beach person desires and may enjoy luxury at any moment, a mountain person is content to accumulate more experiences with minimal amenities or without luxury. This personality attribute determines whether a person prefers the beach or the mountains and if they are a traveler or a tourist.

9. An Entertainer Vs. A Thinker

When people are around a beach person, there is never a boring moment. It’s contagious, from their speaking style to the way they keep everyone engaged with their sense of humor. On the other hand, a mountain person can be a terrific company only if you share comparable interests. Mountain people are natural thinkers who consider their words and actions carefully. Whether the individual enjoys the beach or the mountains, they are fun to be around!

10. Adventurers Vs. Peace-Lovers

“Danger is real, but fear is a choice,” as the phrase goes, fits the adventurous nature of beachgoers. The beach bums are athletic by nature and adrenaline seekers at heart, always ready to take on any challenge. When it comes to the mountain people, they are both peacemakers and peacemakers. Their ideal way of life is to live in a bubble, which is also wonderful in some ways. They’d rather sit alone or with close pals on a mountain top and take in the spectacular views than go to a nightclub.


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