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Beautiful Things To Bring Back From Your Trip To Madagascar

Madagascar is an island in the Indian ocean that is next to Africa, and it is the place that every nature lover should visit at least once in their life. By visiting several unique sites in Madagascar, you will find many fun things as souvenirs of your time in the country. These are art objects made with inspiration. So, discover here some samples that you will never get tired of.

Traditional clothing or costumes


The people of each country have their own customs and traditions, and the way they dress is one of them. The clothes are made of different materials that specify each country. In Africa, for example, people wear Dashikis, Boubous, Chèche, and others. These clothes represent their tradition, and all men and women can wear them without exception.

In Mexico, most men wear the Sombrero. It is a very famous hat that this American country is known for. In addition, the people of Madagascar also have beautiful traditional costumes called lambahoany. These are emblematic pieces that mark the Malagasy culture. The lambahoany come in many bright colors. They are printed with beautiful images that show the customs of each ethnic group and highlight the beauty of Malagasy women. So, don’t hesitate to bring back these beautiful ornaments that offer simplicity and natural beauty.



As in every country, Madagascar is famous for the production of cloves and vanilla. These are organic materials of plant origin that have fragrant or pungent smells. They can be used not only to season dishes but also to preserve and color them. They are also used in the field of medicine.

Vanilla is the only food orchid that has several arrogances. On the one hand, thanks to its exceptional perfume and its benefits, vanilla is ranked among the most exploited commercial products in the world. On the other hand, it is appreciated for its stimulating and anti-flatulent properties that improve the functioning of the digestive system. It is also used to make cosmetic products and food flavors. On the other hand, artificial vanilla flavors can be made using recycled plastics from a waste disposal site.

Regarding clove, it is found in:

    • The preparation in cooking: to give a pungent flavor to the recipe, or to mix with the ras el-hanout or the garam masala to give an aesthetic effect to the gastronomy;
    • The manufacture of kretek or Indonesian cigarettes which allow to treat some infections;
    • The manufacture of perfumery products for linens and interiors;
    • The preparation of antibacterial, antiseptic, and anesthetic substances.

So don’t forget to order these two original spices from Madagascar, only in small packages.

Various decorative objects


By visiting several sites on the island, you will find several things that immortalize your trip. For example, if you travel to Nosy Be or the northern part of Madagascar, you will find:

    • Ylang-ylang essential oil
    • Seed necklaces
    • Trinkets and other clay tools
    • Articles and fabrics embroidered by qualified seamstresses
    • Masks made of wood
    • Paintings

If you decide to visit the capital of Madagascar (Antananarivo), you will see many embroideries and silk textiles. Antsirabe, a city in the Highlands, offers you illustrations made of recycled materials and objects made of zebu horn. And in the area of Ambositra and Ambalavao, marquetry and Antemoro papers await you.

On the RN7, the beautiful allure of the sculptures in precious wood will undoubtedly attract you.

Finally, you will discover silver jewelry in the southern part of the island and essential oils in the city of Manakara. Thus, do not hesitate to organize a tailor-made trip to this island to discover so many surprising things.

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