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A long trip by car is not made on a whim; it is necessary to prepare to make your trip pleasant. You will find in this article some tips that can help you.

Prepare the Car

The car must be in good condition for a long trip. It would be best if you did a mechanical revision a few days before your departure. You will see for yourself if any repairs are needed. Even if your car is always maintained, a look around will not hurt it. For the exterior, a visual inspection will suffice. But for the interior, you’ll need to check all levels (engine, fuel filter, tires, etc.). If you are not too familiar with mechanics, take the car to a garage.

Prepare Yourself Physically

You must be in top shape before the trip. It is best to drive in the morning and without alcohol. It is mandatory to wear a seatbelt, and it is recommended to take a break every two hours.

Prepare the Route

If your departure is close, you must define the route and the different stages of your journey. Even with a navigation system, it is necessary to visualize your path to know where you are going. Don’t impose on yourself an arrival time; you have to consider the traffic jams and the different incidents that can occur.

Get Some Equipment

If you are going to spend long hours in your car with your family, you must be prepared to entertain the children or get bored. Equip yourself with sunshades, as well as cool drinks if the heat overwhelms you. It is necessary to bring medication in case of motion sickness.

Avoid Overloading the Car

It would be best to prepare the luggage to take in advance, especially the bare necessities, to avoid overloading the car. Indeed, this can lead to accidents caused by poor road handling.

Drive Carefully

Even if it’s a vacation and you want to see the sea at all costs, take the time to rest. For example, after a day of work, you don’t have to take off right away. Make your trip after at least two days. If you feel yourself getting tired, stop and get some sleep. During the journey, the temperature may rise, and you may want to wear flip-flops. This is a bad idea because if your feet sweat, you may slip, leading to a severe accident.

Wear Light Clothing

Since it is a long drive, you need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. This is to avoid sweating too much during the trip. If your car is equipped with air conditioning, a long-sleeved shirt will be helpful because there is a risk of cold and downdrafts. If the trip is to a low-temperature region, you should bring clothes adapted to the local climate.

Bring Provisions

Since this is a long-distance trip, you should pack some fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. Avoid sugary foods and soft drinks and drink water regularly.

Clean the Car

A crucial detail is the cleaning of the car. The trip will be pleasant if the car is clean. If you are traveling at night, take a blanket with you to avoid catching a cold.

Plans to Keep Busy

Whether it is a solo or family trip, entertainment is necessary: good music, exciting movies. Whatever the activity, don’t get bored!



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