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Sacred monasteries, beautiful mountains and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Small Montenegro offers great experiences. And on a trip there, you can get a lot of fun.

 Montenegro houses a rich history with well preserved medieval towns and colorful culture. And if you like to discover delicacies on vacation, you are also in the right place, with many restaurants, bars and cafes at low prices. In Montenegro, you’ll never have to travel far to get to your favorite place, whether it’s the popular life of Budva, the family atmosphere of Petrovac or the mile-long beach of Becici.

 Today, let’s see what you can do to discover Montenegro.

 Get on the Bus

The best way to discover Montenegro is to get on the bus and get off when you see something interesting. The distances are short, and there are many things worth seeing and doing. This is the case with the medieval town of Kotor, whose fantastic city wall extends to the adjacent mountain. Another example is the somewhat exclusive Porto Montenegro, where luxury yachts crowd the port. Beaches are also plentiful, from small, intimate rocky beaches to miles of sandy beaches lined with a lively promenade.

 Taste the Montenegrin Cuisine

 Taste the Montenegrin Cuisine

Montenegrins are very proud of their cuisine, and rightfully so. You’ll find inspiration from Italy and the Balkans, as well as local ingredients and all the delights the Adriatic has to offer. Pizza, pasta and risotto are everywhere, as well as more robust local dishes. If you want to go big, order a fresh grilled lobster with one of the local wines. Then sit back and enjoy your vacation.

 Go on a Trip

There are many exciting things to see and do on a trip to Montenegro. For many of these experiences, you can get around on your own or by cab. Along the coast, there is beach after beach, so take the opportunity to visit several. You can take a boat trip or go on a nature walk among the mountains. The small village of Sveti Stefan is one of the most photographed places in Montenegro and is beautifully situated on a beach.

Visit the Must-See Places

Visit the Must-See Places

Although there are many fascinating things to see, here are a few places not to be missed:


The port city of Tivat is a bit like the St. Tropez of Montenegro. Admire the luxury yachts at the new Porto Montenegro marina, watch people strut their stuff in designer eyewear, or treat yourself to a spa day before donning your most stylish outfit for a full night at the marina. Tivat is a city for big wallets.

 The Blue Grotto

Many people know that Croatia and Capri have blue grottos, but have you heard of the blue grotto located near the Lustica peninsula? Like the others, the water in the cave seems almost luminescent when the sun shines on it from the right angle. Boat trips leave from several places, and kayak trips also leave from Tivat and Herceg Novi.

 Durmitor National Park

The deepest canyon in Europe, butterflies galore and picturesque alpine huts. Durmitor is a first-class national park. Besides hiking, rafting is a popular activity in the mountains.

 Lovcen National Park and Njegos Mausoleum

Montenegro has five national parks, all of which are worth a visit in one way or another. Mighty mountains, glacial lakes and unspoiled nature. Lovcen, in particular, is located near the coast of the Dinaric Alps and is one of the easiest to reach from Budva and Kotor. Besides the landscape, many are attracted by the spectacular mausoleum located on one of the mountain peaks. It is said that on a clear day you can see half the country and as far as Albania and Croatia.

Monastery of Ostrogrog

This is an impressive monastery located in central Montenegro, set in an almost vertical rock face. The monastery is located in a green valley and the road to get there, as in many places in Montenegro, is an experience in itself.

 We hope you enjoy your vacation in this charming country. What is the preferred place you have already visited? Share your experience in the comments below.



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