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Outings In The Netherlands: 8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you spending your holidays Looking in the Netherlands and wondering what you can do there? Then, have a quick read! The Netherlands offers a lot of opportunities for fun trips and outings. From driving around in a vintage car, picking oysters in Zeeland, and discovering typical Dutch symbols like tulip trees and windmills, this country is diverse and a joy to discover. To help you have a fun day, here’s a collection of beautiful trips and places you should not miss!

1) Travel to the Netherlands: Vintage Car Tour

One of the most fun things to do in the Netherlands is to go out in a classic car, driving through the most beautiful streets, moving from village to village, stopping at the most beautiful terraces. A day in the Netherlands in a vintage car is the ultimate treat.

2) Cruising the Canals of Dordrecht in a Classic Venetian Water Limousine

An excellent trip would involve a cruise with Si Barone (a boat tour agency) in Dordrecht. The boat trip will make you feel as if you are in Venice, but then you will pass through the canals of Dordrecht. The most memorable part is that you will be cruising with Si Barone in an original Venetian water limousine! You will sail through the historic harbor and through Dordrecht’s (city and municipality in the Western Netherlands) many bridges, landscapes, and historic warehouses that you will not see anywhere else. When you board the Si Barone, you can enjoy a beautiful cruise from the historic center of Dordrecht to the beautiful nature reserve of De Biesbosch.

3) See the World’s Tallest Windmill

The tallest windmill in the world is located in the Netherlands, and it is in the town of Schiedam, to be precise, and what a pleasant town it is to visit! Schiedam is known not only for its windmills but also for its long history. Combine an educational walk on the windmills with a visit to some of Schiedam’s stores, canals, drawbridges, historical buildings, and other installations, and you’re guaranteed to have a great Dutch trip.

Schiedam, Moulin, Moulin À Grain, Moulin À Vent
Windmill in Schiedam

4) A Day at the Windmills of Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk, like Schiedam, is one of the most popular places to find windmills in the Netherlands. While in Schiedam, you can see the tallest windmills, in Kinderdijk, you can see the windmills in a small area. There are as many as 19 windmills here. On a sunny day, you can go cycling or walk along the windmills in Kinderdijk.

5) Visiting the New Zealand Coast

One place in the Netherlands that you will fall in love with is the province of Zeeland, and we are talking about the coast of Zeeland in particular. New Zealand is just as beautiful in every season. From sunbathing on the sunniest beaches in the Netherlands to oyster hunting, the possibilities in Zeeland are endless.

6) Oyster Hunting in New Zealand

As we mentioned above, the second thing worth mentioning is oyster hunting. You may love it or hate it, but you should experience New Zealand oysters at least once in your life. Harvesting oysters is a real experience in itself. You can also harvest oysters in Yerseke. Besides, in Yerseke, there are many nice hot spots where you can pick and taste oysters and view the oyster farms.

 A delicious trip to oyster farms
A delicious trip to oyster farms

7) Visiting The Beautiful Bulbous Region

Borenstreek is one of the most popular areas in the Netherlands if you ask tourists. It’s hard not to fall in love with the endless fields of colorful tulips. Therefore, a visit to Borenstreek will be one of the best trips you can make in the Netherlands. The flowering season ends around the end of May, but visiting in other months is also very nice.

8) Going Out With a Cool E-Chopper

Getting around with an e-chopper is something that belongs on this list. E-choppers are cool with wide tires, run great, are eco-friendly, and you can jump from place to place with an e-chopper. You can rent one and have a fantastic time letting the wind blow through your hair and taking in the beautiful Zeeland scenery.

Which of these places have you ever been to? Share your experience with us in the comments below!



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