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Rotterdam: Discover This Major Port City

Rotterdam is not your typical Dutch city with old houses, quiet canals or few cars on its streets. There are several places exciting to visit in this major port city in Netherlands. In this article, we give you a few suggestions of places you shouldn’t miss.


Markthal – The Covered Market of Rotterdam

The Markthal, known for its impressive roof, an explosion of color in fruits and vegetables. This large central market has an area as large as a football stadium. Beyond housing the traditional fresh food stalls, it has 20 shops and restaurants. As well as catering companies and even a cooking school. Admission is free, you will only spend what you buy.


Blijdorp – The Rotterdam Zoo

This wonderful zoo is located in the northwest of the city. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest in the Netherlands with 150 years of age in 2007. Blijdorp is also one of the zoos that actively participates in breeding programs for endangered species.


Erasmusbrug – Erasmus Bridge

This magnificent architectural work connects the south and north of Rotterdam. Separated by the Nieuwe Maas River, it is one of the must-sees in Rotterdam. The Erasmusbrug has a bascule bridge, the largest and heaviest in Western Europe. Therefore allowing larger ships to cross it. No entrance required, just want to walk around the city center and enjoy its beauty!


Euromast – The Observation Tower

Free Euromast Rotterdam Stock Photo -

It is the tallest tower in the Netherlands, with a height of up to 185 meters. At 100 meters high from the Euromast, where the restaurant is located, is the Euroscoop. From here you have access to the elevator that rotates and will lift you up to 185 meters high. On a clear day, you will undoubtedly enjoy spectacular views.


Shopping in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam you have a lot of opportunities for shopping. It is indeed a unique shopping city! Most of the shops are, of course, in the center. Also for a great day of shopping you can go to the covered shopping centers of Zuidplein or Alexandrium.


Witte de Withstraat

Witte de Withstraat is dynamic, artistic and innovative. In addition there are many elegant restaurants and fashionable shops. The many cultural influences give this street a unique atmosphere. Giving also an idea of ​​the wide life in Rotterdam. A pleasant afternoon guaranteed with your partner or friends!


Maritiem Museum – Rotterdam Maritime Museum

One of the most important and largest ports in Rotterdam, it has a great museum. In it pieces of the naval fleet and navigation are exhibited. It was founded in 1874 housing a collection of ship models. Now it has become a symbol of the city of Rotterdam. Showing visitors the close relationship of the Dutch with the sea. In addition, it shows more than half a million pieces collected over the last 500 years.


SS Rotterdam – “The Great Lady”

The legendary ex-flagship of the “Holland America Line” now permanently moored in Rotterdam. It is considered as another of the relics of the city. Measuring 228 meters long and 28 meters wide, it houses the story of “The Great Lady”, so called by the Dutch.

There you can find a splendid terrace with a swimming pool on the deck. Have fun playing hopscotch with the little ones. Another cool thing you can learn is how to tie knots used like sailors. Although of course you can also enjoy a tour to see everything about this historic ship. If you want to spend a night aboard this treasure, it also gives you the opportunity in comfortable rooms.


Kubuswoningen – Cubic Houses

Cube houses (Kubuswoningen) by Piet Blom

Located in the center, the cubic houses are perhaps one of the most visited areas by tourists. Due to its innovative and avant-garde design, it has become a point of interest and a must-see. Each of the 38 cubic houses are inhabited. Among them, one of the cubic houses is open to the public as a museum. So it is a good opportunity to visit them.



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