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Famous Restaurants From TV and Film Where You Can Actually Eat At

Movies may often depict fictional stories or based around fictional characters, however, the places where these stories take place are often pretty real.

So, good news for fans of big and small screens as we bring you some real-life restaurants that were used as locations for some iconic movies and tv shows.

Mystic Grill – The Vampire Diaries

Break out the tissues everyone, as I am still crying over The Vampire Diaries’ last episode. For me, it was definitely a tear-jerker as I had to say goodbye to my favourite characters, even including the evil Katherine Pierce. However, there is a place you can go to relive those Vampire Diaries moments: The Mystic Grill.

In the TV show, Mystic Grill is a restaurant, café and bar found in Mystic Falls, Virginia and is considered as a popular hangout for most of the characters. For instance, who remembers the party organised by the lovely Caroline to celebrate Stefan’s birthday? You know where it was held? In Mystic Grill! And remember when Damon attacked two students who were making out outside of the restaurant. Mmm, I still remember how he was feeding on the boy, with his tongue, he was- ahem, sorry guys, I know it’s supposed to be a travel-based article, not an adult one. 

Anyway, all you need to know is that, fortunately for diehard fans like us, a real Mystic Grill has opened up in Covington, Georgia. It is a nice vintage-chic restaurant with a rooftop seating that serves exquisite Southern cuisine. It will the perfect place for some rich cuisine and live music. Plus, you can enjoy imagining the very handsome Damon Salvatore sitting and looking at you with his usual “bad boy smile.”

Shalom Grill – The Avengers

What is this? I can literally hear you scream. But I admit that talking about the Avengers is really such an honour for a True Believer like me.

So, question time guys: who still remember the 2012 Avengers movie? Actually, who can forget it right? For example, one of the most epic scenes that I will never be able to forget is the face-off between Loki and Captain America. Don’t get me wrong, but here I can’t decide on whose side I am. I mean, on one hand, you got the fearless and passionate Steve and on the other side, there’s the cunning but freaking handsome Loki. So, who wouldn’t be confused? And one of the funniest moments is Loki getting patty caked by Hulk. But, the real” holy hit, this is really happening” moment is when all the Avengers assembled together, which was really epic.

But let’s not deviate from the main topic: the Shalom Grill, the shawarma place that Iron Man suggested for a meal, which was shown only in the end credits of the movie, and if you are a real Avengers fan, you would have watched till the end.

Shalom Grill is a fantastic restaurant located in Los Angeles, California which is well-known for its great service and lip-smacking food. There is also outdoor seating with heat lamps and lovely table arrangements. I guarantee you that it is a restaurant where you will enjoy tasty Persian food.

Bella Italia – Twilight

Needless to say, I am a Twihard and I can’t just resist vampires, be it, Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen.

Twilight is a movie that has captured the hearts of many and has given a new image to vampirism: instead of wicked and ugly-looking ones, we discovered that vampires could be really good-looking and extremely desirable.

And how can I not mention how my heart fluttered when Edward and Bella went to a cozy Italian restaurant for their first date. And fortunately for me, I can even visit this restaurant. Bella Italia is an excellent restaurant found in Port Angeles that offers pizza, locally sourced seafood, and an extensive wine selection.

True, The Three Broomsticks is not included in the list but still, these restaurants deserve a visit. So, what do you think? Please share your comments!



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