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7 Dishes You Should Absolutely Try in Myanmar

Myanmar cuisine is not too varied and can sometimes seem strange. But if you love tasting new food, Burmese dishes will be an incredible discovery. They are a combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine, characterized by spicy dishes with colorful spices.

1. Tea Leaves Salad

In the local language known as Lahpet Thoke, Tea leaf salad is probably the best-known street food in Myanmar and is often used in snacks. When tasting this traditional Myanmar dish, you will feel the sour taste of pickled cabbage, the bitterness of tea leaves mixed with beans, tomatoes, and the spiciness of garlic and chili powder. The Burmese usually eat it with tofu to make this dish more frugal. Especially for vegetarians, it is an essential dish at every meal.

2. Mohinga

Mohinga is a kind of noodle cooked in a fish broth and is known as the “unofficial national dish of the spirit” of Myanmar. This type of noodles is popular in all parts of the country, so you can’t forget to taste them during your Myanmar trips. A small bowl of noodles contains many typical ingredients of this land, such as chickpea flour, roasted rice, catfish cooked in broth and garlic and chili spices, and red onion ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce.

3. Myanmar curry
True to its curry name, the dish’s main ingredient is meat, be it pork, beef, or lamb served with rice and various herbs. However, unlike in China, cuisine and spices are bold in the style of old Burmese food. After the curry, soaked tea leaves and walnuts will be served on a lacquer tray.

4. Shan Noodles With Tofu

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It is a famous dish of the Shan people who reside in northern Myanmar. It is renowned for its large blocks of tofu made from yellow lentils and green beans, rather than the traditional fermentation methods. Tofu slices are often served with yellow noodles, they can be eaten hot on a soup plate or cold with a salad, covered with a layer of noodles, served with chicken or pork and raw vegetables. The excellent taste can be felt thanks to the sophisticated and high-quality Shan recipes in both cases.

5. Shan Rice
In addition to noodles, the Shan are also famous for their attractive mixed rice preparation, which regularly appears on the main restaurants’ menus and is becoming a specialty of Myanmar. The Shan people color and cook the rice with turmeric, so the yellow color is an essential dish. There are different options, or one can eat with crispy and spicy fish, with chicken or pork marinated with vegetables and fruits, served with roasted peanuts. The flavor of Shan rice is enhanced by the spicy taste of leek roots and tilapia.

6. Sticky rice

This interesting dish is the most famous of the Kayah region, and it is the most popular dish of the inhabitants of this region. Unlike the Thais, who often use sticky rice to make cakes, the Burmese use sticky rice to make tasty dishes. The most prevalent version is the mixture of fish and meat. It is also a food that can quickly be tried at street vendors.

7. Faluda
Falooda (or Faluda) is a trendy dessert in Myanmar. This dish is usually mixed with basil seeds, gelatine, tapioca, water, or milk and then drizzled with syrup. Originally, Falooda came from Persia, then Falooda was popular from India to Southeast Asia. Sometimes, for a more refreshing Falooda, you can ask the vendor to add a scoop of ice. Falooda is usually served at the end of each meal and is especially ideal during the hot summer.

Have you ever been to Myanmar? Share with us your favorite Burmese dish that you’ve tried there!



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