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6 Ice Cream Flavors That You Won’t Believe Exist Around the World!

There’s no doubt that summer and ice cream are a perfect pair. Producers, brands, and artisans know it, and that’s why each year, they find new ways to attract customers. Gone are the days when ice cream flavors could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Lately, it seems like anything goes, but there are some more than questionable propositions, like these 6 flavors of ice cream you wouldn’t believe exist!

1) Caviar Ice Cream

Frenchman Philippe Faur is a master of quality ice cream, but perhaps he has gained more worldwide fame for his innovative products. And the thing is that after truffle, foie, or Roquefort ice cream, his next incredible creation is caviar sorbet. However, it seems more like ice cream because it incorporates cream into its ingredients.

It is prepared with 60% sturgeon caviar, making it a luxury product available to few. Caviar is an exquisite delicacy, but what we doubt is that it is worth processing into ice cream, no matter how many uses it may have in haute cuisine?

There is caviar-flavored ice cream!


2) Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic, a product that sometimes goes very unnoticed but is so fundamental in many recipes, can it be an ice cream flavor on its own? Today it is not surprising, but perhaps it attracted more attention when festivals were held in its honor, such as the Garlic Festival in Gilroy.

Many people try to refresh the palate and stomach when having ice cream, so we’re not convinced about the final aftertaste garlic is supposed to leave. Apparently, there are very subtle ones, but the “real” garlic ice cream has a robust flavor. Combining garlic with cream or milk doesn’t seem like a good idea, digestively speaking. Perhaps with black garlic, it would change.

Trying Garlic Ice Cream | Tastemade

3) Pizza Ice Cream

Products advertised as “pizza flavor” gives a bad feeling to many, but in this case, pizza ice cream is literal. Tomato paste, basil, garlic, tomato concentrate, and oregano are added to the classic cream base to make the ice cream.

The invention is Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia, where they create peculiar flavors each season, like popcorn ice cream or pumpkin curry.

Pizza-flavoured ice cream now exists, obviously | Metro News

4) Potato Omelet Ice Cream

One of the most famous dishes in Spanish gastronomy is also one of the most popular “gourmet” ice cream flavors. If the great chefs have ennobled the omelet in a thousand different ways, starting with deconstruction, why not take it to the freezer format?

Caramelized Sweet Potato and Onion Omelette with Melted Cheddar | Canadian  Goodness

5) Spaghetti Ice Cream

Indeed many of you have seen the classic fake spaghetti ice cream on many ice cream parlors’ menu – it is something old, like Pinocchio. This product’s beauty is that the ice cream, with a traditional flavor such as white chocolate or vanilla with strawberry sauce, mimics the shape and colors of spaghetti.

However, ice cream parlors offer the literal product: spaghetti with its sauce and cheese in the form of ice cream. There are creamy versions and sprinkles, that is, with the pasta mixture into the ice cream.

Ice cream cup free stock photos download (2,270 Free stock photos) for  commercial use. format: HD high resolution jpg images

6) Ice Cream With Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Sausages, and Gravy

Indeed, it doesn’t sound very appetizing. This complete meal in ice cream format was a commercial strategy of the British company Aunt Bessie’s, who thought of giving a twist to one of the most typical mixed dishes in the islands.

The British climate is not very conducive to enjoying ice cream year-round, so they thought of giving people “the pleasure of eating in a cone” by serving their combo of mashed potatoes, peas, sausage, and gravy as if it were ice cream.

This Thanksgiving, Serve Mashed Potato Ice Cream with This Wild Recipe |  HelloGiggles

Would you dare to try these bizarre ice cream flavors? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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