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Delightful Comfort Food Around the World

Sometimes we just yearn for some delicious comfort food; perhaps it is when we had a bad day and are overwhelmed with stress or just because of some cravings. We simply want to treat ourselves with something that is mouthwatering, and that makes us happy. Regardless of where you go, there is most probably a version of comfort food that will make you feel better as soon as you take the first bite.

However, comfort food has different connotations in different cultures. And there is no ultimate course in one place. On the contrary, a small number of meals are generally considered warm and comfortable in various countries, and the common pleasant experience of eating these foods has had an impact on the lives of the people who live there.

So, what are the different types of comfort foods in the world? Let’s discover them below, and get ready to tickle your taste buds while reading.

China- Congee
Congee is basically like a rice porridge. It is made by boiling rice in a copious amount of water until it becomes a pudding consistency. The congee is then consumed with grilled fish/chicken/pork, salted duck eggs, and tofu.

Japan- Onigiri
These rice balls are prepared with sticky white rice that is generally wrapped into cylindrical or triangular lotus or seaweed leaves. The rice is also steamed with some ingredients like chicken, mushrooms, pork, and some seasonings.

Japan- Ramen
Another famous comfort food of Japan, which is now becoming widespread, is the bowl of ramen noodles. It consists of fresh wheat or egg noodles, a rich soup stock, sliced pork, some soft boiled eggs, and fresh scallions.

Canada- Poutine
Poutine is native to Québec province. The dish is made with salty French fries with cheese curds that are topped with a mushy grown gravy. Plus, this makes the perfect appetizer for fun parties.

Turkey- Manti
Have you ever heard of the famous Chinese dumplings? Well, Manti is the Turkish version of this delicious cuisine. The dumplings are filled with tiny lamb pieces, topped with garlicky yogurt, caramelized tomato, and brown butter sauce.

Mexico- Chilaquiles
Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish that is made with slightly fried and crispy tortillas tossed in salsa sauce and then piled up on a plate. Everything is then topped with crumbled cheese and some delicious cream and is often served with eggs. Yet, some also love their chilaquiles with different toppings like shredded chicken.

Greece- Moussaka
This traditional Greek recipe consists of layers of sliced potato or eggplant. In between the layers, you will find juicy and mouthwatering beef mince cooked in tomato sauce. Typically the dish is topped with a béchamel sauce and cheese perfectly baked.

Korea- Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi fried rice is prepared by stir-frying rice with Kimchi, a traditional pickled and fermented Korean dish with vegetables, ginger, garlic, pepper flakes, fish sauce, and salt. It is a Korean classic comfort food made at home as a way to use overripe Kimchi and leftover rice.

India- Khichdi
Khichdi or Kichri is a savory porridge famous in Indian cuisine and is made of rice and dal (lentils). You can find various versions depending on the area it is cooked and can be entirely vegetarian or prepared with meat/fish.

Egypt- Koshari
This is a traditional staple in Egypt! It is made of macaroni, rice, chickpeas and lentils, topped with fried onions and spicy tomato sauce! How yummy!

France- Gratin Dauphinois
One of France’s ultimate comfort food, this dish is made with thin slices of potatoes, cooked in seasoned gravy cream. Everything is then topped with cheese, usually Gruyère, and baked.

If you are ever visiting one of these countries, don’t forget to try those oh-so-delicious dishes! Remember to leave a comment below if you’ve ever tasted another comfort food.



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