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7 Amazing Reasons Why Puebla Should Always Be on Your Bucket List

Every May 5, we remember Puebla. But any day is an excellent time to visit this colonial, tasty and modern city. Here are some reasons why you should see the beautiful city of Puebla. Whatever you like, there is a reason for all preferences!

#1. The Beauty of Its Center

Visiting Puebla is cleaning your gaze. Its center is one of the best care in the entire country and is only two hours from Mexico City. We suggest you look for the cheapest flights to the capital and encourage you to discover the well-preserved colonial beauty of Puebla’s old streets, which are not so easily erased from memory. As if that were not enough, it is a safe and orderly area and full of a cultural heritage that is much enjoyed.

#2. The Elegant Architecture

You don’t have to be an expert or dedicate yourself to art history. Anyone can appreciate how elegant Downtown Puebla’s architecture iseither because of its simplicity or the remarkable Baroque sophistication in practically every block. While the famous Capilla del Rosario is an excellent example of New Spain’s ingenuity, the International Baroque Museum, recently designed by the architect Toyo Ito and about 15 minutes from the Cathedral, can dazzle anyone, in addition to having a good restaurant.

#3. The Delicious Food

Chiles en Nogada and infallible Mole Poblano are the name of Puebla. But there is much more to try: Chalupas in San Francisco, Cemitas in the markets, Arab tacos everywhere, the exquisite dishes of the refined El Mural de Los Poblanos, the breakfasts in Propética… And the sweets in front of Santa Clara! Apart from an endless number of inns and cafes that daily offer Molotes and other wonders that we do not list to crave more. You have to eat in Puebla as soon as possible, we tell you as a friend. Of greedy guys who know that a trip is not a trip without an unforgettable meal.

#4. El Amparo, of Course...

Places to visit in Puebla there are hundreds. The entire center is a museum, without exaggeration. And let’s not even talk about the many churches, especially the magnificent Cathedral! But if we had to choose just one museum, this would be the Amparo! That’s because of its extensive collection of pre-Hispanic and viceregal pieces, art exhibitions, efficient architecture, beautiful cafeterias on the terrace… We advise you to spend two or three hours in this place, to which you will surely want to return, and you will return!

#5. Accommodation Options

Hotels in Puebla are usually comfortable, even modest ones. My personal favorite is El Sueño Hotel & Spa, which welcomed many celebrities in the center’s heart! The coolest thing is that it is not a very expensive hotel. They serve good food, and the rooms are nice and quiet. We guarantee a pleasant sleep.

#6. The Interesting Surroundings

Very close you can visit the town of Tonantzintla, with a unique church in Mexico, and the pyramid of Cholula, which has the largest basement in the world (and it is not so tiring to climb it!), As well as Chipilo, with exquisite dairy products. And Atlixco, only 25 kilometers away. Many buses can take you, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can even go to and from all these places on the same day. Be careful: don’t forget to take advantage of the Puebla-Cholula Tourist Train, which is affordable, fast, and comfortable.

#7. The Many News!

Not everything in Puebla is Talavera and baroque altarpieces. There is also, let’s say, La Estrella de Puebla, which still smells like new, in modern Angelópolis, an area quite frequented by its vast shopping center. This towering 80-meter wheel opens daily and allows you a formidable view of the entire city and the volcanoes. There is also the new Paseo de Los Gigantes Park, which is worth visiting.

It seems that this city is being renewed all the time, attracting all kinds of visitors: those who look for (and find) antiques on Sundays in Los Sapos, those who admire the murals in the Casa del Deán, those interested in the railroad history of the country, the families who learn and enjoy in the Fuertes, even those who wander around little-explored neighborhoods like El Alto and Xanenetla in search of surprises. There is so much! Including a fun nightlife… Puebla cannot be explored over just one weekend, but there is a reason to start. How about starting today?



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