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In Serbia’s western spans, we traveled through the Valjevo gulch(Canyon) like we were its first settlers, gradually and to a hush just broken by the streaming of the river, which we would break with our steps as we traversed and over. A steam train transported us through the rippling green woods that began in Mokra Gora and spread past the mountain tops on the Sargan Eight Railway’s steam-fuelled tracks. An evening, flanked by an eminent and glorious sun, was spent after the delicate flow of the strong Dunabe River from the little shorelines of Novi Sad to a narrow point that appeared like the serene end of its overwhelming course. On another, our little pontoon conquered the many twists of the 10-kilometer long Uvac River, embraced by the mountainous plateau.

Nature of Serbia: The back and forth movements of Serbia don’t just originate from its social change since troubled time. A nation that is 75% bumpy! What I mean is Mountain! It is scattered with rolling green, secured nature parks, ravines, rivers, and lakes. I spent seven days investigating nearly the full extent of the nation west of its Capital, Belgrade – from the coastline of Novi Sad to the valleys of Valjevo, the wilderness of Gostoljublje to mountainous Zlatibor, and the breadth of Tara National Park to the gigantic, snaking Uvac Gorge.

On the off chance that there is one thing that Serbia isn’t known for, it’s an abundance of untouched and unfamiliar nature. Traveling through Serbia is to move with the natural setting that has been presented to it, to be dynamic to explore its multi-layers& exceptional of the landscape.

For when you strip away a mind-boggling society and governmental issues, the magnificence of the landscape and nature in Serbia is the one thing here that has not ever changed, and neither will be.


Trekking The Gradac River, Valjevo: The Gradac River goes through what I said to be some of Serbia’s ideal and untouched scenery. Steep slants, high rock developments, and precipice faces encase a shallow river that curves through the timberlands and meadows of this secured region in shades of white and silver. It’s streaming waters were our waymarkers as we trekked through the towns of Valjevo that lay covered up in this bumpy landscape – a 50km-long said to represent a natural outskirt of northwest Serbia towards the south. Wild Serbia, an experience tour organization, set up by local people from this same zone, take you into the very heart of the area – deep into the Canyon, through its forest, and knee-deep into the frigid, icy crisp waters flanked by twisting trees and mud tracks!

Winding The Uvac Gorge: We landed on the street the bent around the edges of the high cliff faces, and the main sighting was of a swing that just called for us to leave dead speechless and take in the view. It was the flight of flexibility after entering the Uvac Gorge in southwestern Serbia. Keeping in mind that lone a 10,000-foot view can catch the eminent curves of this river, even this scene was sufficient to catch the feeling of the numerous wild and free landscapes in this nation.

We came straightforwardly to the riverfront, inching down a humanmade soil incline where we could hire a boat and driver. Pontoon trips are the must-do here, where you feel as though you’ve been gobbled up by all the clichés of a unique natural scene—gliding through the gorge of the River Uvac yet feeling as though you have never observed anything like its color of reflected blues and greens never before. Truly, you haven’t!

Drifting on The Danube: Obviously, the most incredible river that slices through Serbia is the Danube – a relentless spread that slices through 10 nations, from Germany and Austria in the west to the Balkan plain (and in the long run Ukraine). One can’t avoid vanquishing an extend of Europe’s second-biggest river, and its vast banks and endless appearance are tempting to explore.

From the sandy banks that line Serbia’s second most fantastic city of Novi Sad, we delicately skimmed down towards a little sandy hill, likened to a mysterious island, before bouncing in kayaks and paddling to the most tranquil corners. Dunavski Rafting are your hosts, welcoming you onboard its wooden house-like vessel and giving all the gear you have to float around, entire with a local guide who knows these waters, and its stories, isn’t it great?

Riding The Sargan Eight Railway: Riding the Sargan Eight narrow gorge railroad in southwestern Serbia through the bumpy valleys is a cultural changing experience here, regardless of whether you take a short half-hour trip. An eager train nerd’s fantasy, the steam prepare’s emerald green shell sits inside a setting likened to stepping back in time. Maybe to the late 1900s, the point at which it initially ran it’s chugging, steaming course through restricted gages from Sarajevo to Belgrade – a connection that shut in 1974.

Now you can bounce on board at the town of Mokra Gora and take in the barcode tag of tree trunks in a shuddering of green as you trundle through the Sargan pass that was remade in the mid-2000s.

A place where there is a diverse landscape, it is Serbia’s natural treasures untouched by the contention that give it another new lease of life, and additionally hope for the local people to show an excellent side to the nation that we once in a while if at all, hear about.




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