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Maldives: Things to Do to Enjoy Your Holidays

A paradise of turquoise waters where we all wish to be! The beautiful beaches in the Maldives invite us to lie down and relax in the hammock, yet there’s so much more to do in this country, consisting of almost 1200 coral islands lost in the Indian Ocean.

1) Watch the View From the Airplane Window

The Maldives should be enjoyed from the air itself. You may have seen dozens of islands in your life, but the panoramic view of this country’s atolls from above will leave anyone speechless.

2) Spend Hours in the Hammock and Look at the Sea

You deserve it. It’s the right place. In the Maldives, one of the best things you can do is do nothing. Lie down on the lounger (or in the hammock if you prefer) and enjoy the spectacular view. Have you ever seen such turquoise water and white sand? It’s time to try and hold on to that memory for a few hours. Of course, be careful with the sun; the Maldives islands are very close to the equator, and sunburn is common.

Hammock Between Palm Trees On Untouched Photograph by Cdwheatley

3) Explore the World-Famous Seabed

Diving with a cylinder or a tube? Anything is possible to explore the seabed of the land of the 1200 islands! Due to its geographical location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, far from the coast and pollution, the crystal clear water has become a natural aquarium, the favorite of many diving enthusiasts.

Turtles, sharks, mantas, rays, and even the spectacular whale shark will delight anyone who wants to dive in the waters of the Maldives. The islands’ origin is completely coral, and they are based on an underwater plateau with some more than 4,000 meters deep, making all kinds of diving possible. If your budget allows it, board a dive or life cruise for a few days and sail off into the Indian Ocean as you dedicate yourself entirely to immersing yourself in one of the most vibrant waters in the world.

Underwater coral reef and fish in Indian Ocean, Maldives. Photograph by  Michal Bednarek

4) Get Lost for a Few Hours on the Streets of the Capital, Male

Many avoid the capital of the Maldives, Malé. However, spending a few hours wandering the streets gives the traveler an idea of life on the island outside of the resort. Walk along the coast, pay your respects at the memorial to the victims of the 2004 tsunami, refresh yourself with a coconut in one of the small makeshift bars on the promenade, and have some quiet moments at the Friday Mosque (also called Hukuru Miskiiy).

If you arrive early in the morning, visit the fish market and the fruit and vegetable market. The movement of the local boats or dhonis is part of the daily life of the Maldives. Don’t forget that the Maldives is a Muslim country, so if you are a woman, adapt to the local customs and cover your shoulders and knees outside the hotel complexes.

Male' City Walking Tour - Maldives 2020 - Hulhule Island

5) Savor One of the Local Dishes of Maldives Gastronomy: The Mashuni

The Maldives’ culture is strongly influenced by its distant neighboring countries India, Sri Lanka, Arabia, Persia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Africa. This is why many of the gastronomy dishes bring to mind good Indian curries with a mildly sweet taste of which the coconut is responsible.

One dish that has its own Maldivian identity is the mashuni salad. This canned tuna salad is the traditional breakfast of the Maldives. The exquisite blend of tuna, coconut, chili, lemon, and onion is accompanied by the country’s traditional bread, roshi, a version of Indian or Sinhalese roti. According to the locals, a rich fruit smoothie or black tea from neighboring Ceylon makes the ideal companions. All you have to do now is enjoy the shade of a palm tree!

Mashuni' recipe: breakfast in paradise

Have you ever been to the Maldives? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below!



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