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Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Argentina

Traveling is not something that you might think of as of now, but one day traveling will be as normal as the days of the week. For your future traveling destinations, let’s discover a place that is not so much talked about and that place is Argentina. This country has its own culture and the way things work can totally change how you view traveling to this place. Whether you want to travel the urbane streets of Buenos Aires or the jungle by Iguaza Falls, Argentina has a lot more to offer as it is the perfect place between wilderness and sophistication. This South American gem has had its share of political and economical turmoil over the years and yet has managed to come out of it.

If you are somehow interested or this sounds like your thing, then here some things you need to know before you travel off this amazing country and explore every nook and corner. Also, do brush up on your Spanish before going!

Argentina is huge

No, I’m not exaggerating, Argentina is vast and it is no secret! Over-excited travelers may want to pack a lot into their trip, but be careful. I get it, I was excited too. It is important that you know the distances between places before booking any activities or secondary trip. So plan a trip that you want to have beforehand so that you don’t entangled in mismanagement. If you are stuck on ideas for places to go, then go skiing or back country hiking at Bariloche, and if you are a foodie or a nature lover, then keep an eye for incredible scenery at Salta. Are you a wine lover or love cycling through arboreous streets, then Mendoza is the place to go!

Experience Buenos Aires

For truly experiencing Buenos Aires, the best way is by staying there for a while and get used to the culture, the people and see all the sites. This charming city might get you sucked into its beauty of a buzzing nightlife, independent theaters, tango shows and a thriving music and art scenery. Needless to say that there is something for every culture in Buenos Aires. If you want to spend a few weeks in the capital, then book an AirBnB, so that you get a place to enjoy your stay!

Be ready for the meat sweats and wine parties

Argentinians love their meat! It is estimated that more than 100 pounds of beef is consumed by each Argentinian and that too per year. It is not surprising to see that parillas or steakhouses are found all over the country and if you have any local contact, you do make sure that you are invited to a barbecue night. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then it can be tricky but there are also some vegan restaurants that are opening now. Mendoza is the country’s premier wine producing region in Argentina and it is there that you get the world famous Malbec. If you hate hangovers, then don’t be afraid to add some soda water to your wine. It is not frowned upon to add this to your wine as Argentinians prefer to avoid a hangover before it starts.

Take their time

If you are from country where people are lined up at 7 am for their daily morning coffee, then Argentina will truly seem alien to you! Argentinians like to take their time and no shop is open way before 10 am. Take the break you deserve and get used to eating about 9 or 10 pm. Adjust your watches to the Argentinian time!

Home of the most of Patagonia

A huge swathe of land in the southern cone that is shared with its neighbor Chile. 2,780,400 km2 of Patagonia is owned by Argentina and this magnificent mountain range has it all. Glaciers, lakes, coastline, wildlife and grasslands make Patagonia a must visit for an adventure lover.



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