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10 Essential Things to Do When You Visit Ukraine

I’ve always wanted to travel to Ukraine and this country as wonderful as it is, it is so mysterious to the world. With being an underrated country, Ukraine is part of the Eastern Europe zone that is less traveled to. If you want to take a trip to Eastern Europe, then the best place for you is Ukraine. While Russia is the largest in terms of surface area, Ukraine is, on the other hand, the richest in terms of what it has to offer. Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe, and its cultural heritage is probably the best it can offer you as a foreign visitor.


1.) Libraries


You will find an extensive list of libraries in Ukraine dedicated to a variety of concentrations. For one, there is the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the largest in the country, so be sure to visit this library if you want to learn more about Ukrainian culture. There are many other libraries in Ukraine, ranging from topics of religion, politics and fiction.


  1. 2. Historical museums


The rich history of Ukraine has given birth to many museums. A noteworthy museum is the Historical Museum of Ukraine, where you can get a taste of Ukraine’s history only with a tour of the museum. Other famous museums are the Museum of Historical Treasures and the Museum of Ukrainian Art.


3.) Churches


Another good thing about Ukraine is its magnificent and beautiful church. These churches are inspired by different architectural styles. Here there are two world famous churches – St. Andrew’s Church and St. George’s Cathedral, both located in Kiev.


4.) The capital of the city, Kiev


The most interesting city you should visit if you are in Ukraine is the capital of the country – Kiev. Since most of the structures and buildings in the area were destroyed during World War II, extensive regeneration of the place has been done in recent years. Thus, Kyiv presents itself as a very modern place, probably similar to your hometown.


5.) Waters in Ukraine


In Ukraine there are many water bodies. The most abundant are rivers. In Ukraine there are some of the largest river bodies in Europe, and this will prove to be a great experience if you are looking for a bonding experience with your family.


6.) Nature reserves and wildlife


Another thing Ukraine is proud of is its nature reserves and refugees. Ukraine is home to a number of endangered species, which is why it has taken the important initiative to protect its wildlife. You should visit the local zoos and reserves to get a taste of the animals that can only be seen in this country.


7.) Literature


One should never leave Ukraine without having a taste of their native literature. The fact is that Ukrainian literature directly manifests the history of the country. Its literary subjects include poems, Christian verses, political novels and books dealing with social realism. You should read or buy a book in Ukraine while you are there.


8.) Theaters


Ukrainian culture has procreated many original works in the arts and letters. In theater, the same can be said for nothing less. Theaters in Ukraine hold concerts and ballet performances that have been considered world-class by critics and fans alike.


9.) Art exhibitions


Another proof of the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine is represented by its artifacts. These exhibitions show the works of their artists from over hundreds of years ago. Usually, the themes are secular or not secular, which makes it perfectly pleasant for you, whether you are religious or not.


10.) Christian places


Many places in Ukraine are known for their religious nature. Usually, this religion has something to do with Christianity. The tranquility of the place also allows you to be in perfect reverie, since the country is not often visited by tourists.



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