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11 Russian Delicacies You Should Taste

Many people associate traditional Russian dishes with borscht and other soups, porridge, local dumplings, and potatoes. However, very few are aware that there are numerous authentic Russian desserts, from homemade jams to original cakes, candies, and even handmade chocolates! Here are some delicious Russian desserts that you should taste!

1) Russian Doughnuts

This Russian dessert is very similar to American pancakes. It is made of flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. However, Russian doughnuts are usually thicker because the mixture of soda and vinegar adds air bubbles to the dough to render it soft. Some people prepare them by adding raisins or using sour milk or kefir instead of milk. You can have them with sour cream, honey, or jam for breakfast.

2) Sharlotka (Baked Russian Apples)

Russia is extremely cold in most areas, and due to the brief summer, fruits are relatively scarce. Traditional Russian apples tend to be sour, but creative Russian cooks have found ways to make them sweet. First, the apples are soaked in various syrups, and then the core is cut out. The apple is then stuffed with a sweet filling, and finally, it is cooked. This is probably one of the healthiest sweets in the world of Russian confectionery.

3) Alenka Chocolate

If you ever see a package with a little girl in a flowery shawl in a Russian store, you should know that it is the legendary Alenka milk chocolate, produced since the 1960s.

4) Vatrouchka

This delicacy is similar to cheesecake. Vatrouchka is like a brioche topped with tvorog (fresh pressed cheese). The typical Russian dessert, flavored with lemon or vanilla, is garnished with jam or honey. This Russian specialty is not to be missed!

5) Tchak-Tchak

Believe us; you will fall in love with this delicacy! It is a dough cut into sticks, fried in oil, and arranged in a dome to be covered with a warm honey syrup. Although difficult to eat (it sticks to the teeth), this candy is a real delight.

6) Ptichye Moloko – Bird’s milk cake

This cake is one of the finest traditional Russian confectionery and looks like a marshmallow slice coated with chocolate. The original recipe was developed by a group of confectioners derived from French marshmallows but with several essential changes. This dessert remains very popular in Russia.

7) Prague Chocolate Cake

One of the Soviet Union’s main deserts was invented by the confectioners of the legendary Moscow restaurant Prague. The cake consists of three chocolate cookies soaked in apricot jam, a chocolate cream made from condensed milk, and a thick layer of chocolate icing.

8) Baba

A rich and sweet cake with white fudge and raisins inside, all soaked in rum, simply delicious!

9) Prianik (gingerbread) from Tula

A must-try in Russian specialties! If you need to bring back a souvenir of your trip to your relatives, get this gingerbread. They are usually made with honey, but also with chocolate or jams of various flavors.

10) Pastila

This apple confectionery was known since the Middle Ages. The apples are first baked in the oven, kneaded, transformed into a homogeneous mass, and dried in the sun. The most delicious are the ones produced in Kolomna.

11) Smetannik

In Russia, it is believed that with thick cream, everything tastes better! And the cake with “smetana” (sour cream) at its heart had to become one of the most famous Russian desserts. The cake can be made in many different ways, such as adding nuts, jam, and cocoa, but the main ingredient remains thick cream.

What is your favorite Russian delicacy? Let us know in the comments below!



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