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Exploring most of the ideas I had in mind, I got help from my friends on Whatsapp, and one of them suggested that I write cycling routes from around the world. The countryside, mountains, valleys and cities, along with the slower pace that accompanies this mode of transportation, have made cycling one of the most rewarding travel experiences for many travelers looking for an active, deeper and more authentic experience of the destination.

If you are looking for a unique and active experience on your next trip, I recommend here seven of the best countries you can explore by bike. These bike-loving cities strive to ensure the happiness and safety of their people on their bikes.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark – Copenhagen and its people are a group truly dedicated to cycling. With a culture where one third of the population travels by bike, and a local government that offers free rentals and reserved lanes, Copenhagen is our first choice as a bike-friendly city.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – If there’s one thing the Dutch know how to do, it’s ride a bike. Amsterdam is known worldwide as the bicycle capital of the world. The city has a large population of cyclists of all ages and professions on the road. The Amsterdam city government also encourages the use of bicycles through bicycle rental, dedicated bicycle lanes and bicycle traffic lights.

3.Basel, Switzerland – Basel residents love biking and who can blame them! With its landscape of fruit trees and vineyards, elegant stores and buildings, and its health-conscious population, it’s no surprise that about 25% of Basel’s residents ride two wheels. The city encourages the use of bicycles through bike paths, traffic lights and bike rentals.

4. Florence, Italy – As the birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s not surprising that Florence embraces the culture of cycling. The huge student population that regularly travels to the campus and the surrounding area by bike adds to this culture. Florence has separate, bi-directional and colorful bike paths for ease of use.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota is a city committed to cycling. Even in cold winter weather, a large portion of the city’s population travels by bicycle. There are several facilities for cyclists, such as indoor warehouses, city bike paths and trails. Unlike in many European countries, bicycle helmets are widely used and strongly promoted in the United States.

6. Bologna, Italy – Whether you are visiting Bologna or a permanent resident, cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get around. Bologna has a network of bicycle paths throughout the city. The city also has a variety of routes where car traffic is less dense, creating a safe place for cyclists.

7. Munich, Germany – Even though Munich is a large metropolis, drivers and cyclists seem to mix very well in the city’s busy streets and lanes. Munich has more than 124 miles of marked bicycle paths and off-roads to protect cyclists. Keep in mind that bike theft is common here, so make sure to keep your bike locked.

8. Salzburg, Austria – Salzburg is a wonderful city for cycling; with its beautiful green landscapes and baroque architecture, Salzburg is designed with over 105 miles of bike paths and 23 picturesque bike routes. Salzburg also has self-service stations throughout the city with free tools, bike racks, lubricating oil and compressed air. There are also 5,500 parking spaces reserved for bicycles.

9. Bogota, Colombia – Bogota is the fastest growing bicycle city in Latin America. Bogota has a network of bicycle paths that strategically connect all regions of the city. This system consists of main, secondary and complementary networks. These efforts are aimed at providing residents with a cheaper, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle that seems to be well accepted.

10. Portland, Oregon – Portland residents have always been known for their regular use of bicycles to get around. Given the natural beauty and the tree-hanging culture, it is not surprising that so many people have chosen to cycle. With its separate bike paths, bike racks and a community that strongly supports cycling, Portland is an ideal place to get around.

If you are interested in a cheaper and healthier transportation solution that will help your community, you should get on a cruiser or road bike and start riding!


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