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8 Effective Ways to Help Get Rid of Your Fear of Traveling

Have you been longing to travel, but you’ re too scared of it? Don’t let this terror of traveling cripple you and stop you from living out your dreams. Instead, try to get to know your fears and act to mitigate its effects and even conquer them! Here are some tips that you can put into practice to help overcome your fears.

1) Conquer Your Fears

Face the emotion, instead of fleeing from it. The human brain is perturbed by the idea of stepping out of a routine, it’s natural. Allow this fearful emotion to show up, feel it, and accept it so that you can control it and gradually let go of it.

2) Take Little Steps

The most common and best-known example of travel anxiety is transportation anxiety. Some means of transportation provoke more stress than others, notably planes. To alleviate your fear and anxiety, the first step is to come out of your comfort zone by heading out for new discoveries. You don’t have to fly directly to an unfamiliar country; instead you can start by catching a train for a weekend in a part of your neighborhood that you haven’t yet explored. With so many wonderful places, you’ll have an array of choices to start your first little journey.

3) Distract Your Mind

Minimize the amount of time you spend worrying about the hazards that might occur while traveling. For instance, the less time you spend on interpreting every noise and monitoring each move while being on a plane, the better it is. Instead, you can play games, read, enjoy all the movies you can get your hands on, or tune in to your favorite music for as long as possible. If you don’t like any of these things, sleeping and eating are also excellent ways to help distract your mind and kill time.

4) Share Your Fears

At times, sharing your concerns with your nearest seat neighbors or a flight crew member brings relief. Let them know what they can do to help you. Perhaps you will prefer to be alone, or you may need somebody to help guide you through the flight and remind you to breathe deeply. Flight attendants are trained to assist anxious passengers and can help ease the process.

5) Do Not Consume Alcohol

While a few alcoholic drinks can sometimes build up courage, it is better to refrain from drinking before a flight. It causes excitement but fails to help relax and stay calm in case of stress. Alternatively, this might intensify anxiety and render flights uneasy for you and your fellow passengers as well.

6) Focus on What’s in Store for You Upon Arrival

From the fantastic tapas in Barcelona and the amazing sushi in Tokyo to the coffee drinking in the heart of Notting Hill, as you watch the passers-by, these are the kind of delights you’ll experience at the end of this much-feared trip. Concentrating on things as such can help change your thoughts and remember that the journey is worth it.

8) Opt for an Aisle Seat

An aisle seat can be reserved on most airlines from their booking engines. If you are afraid of flights, request an aisle seat, especially if you suffer from claustrophobia. This will lessen the feeling of being trapped by others and will make it more convenient for you to move around in the cabin. By doing so, you will also avoid looking by the window if this makes you feel anxious.

We hope that these few tips can help. However, if the anguish is too overwhelming, a psychologist or psychiatrist is required. The group meetings and therapy sessions conducted by professionals in the field can help you deal with your anxiety.



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