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Iranian cuisine consists of a wide variety of foods, dishes, desserts, condiments, and side dishes. From soups and simmered recipes to tasty skewers and sweet delicacies, here are 5 delicious Iranian dishes that you shouldn’t miss!


1) Abgousht

This hearty and filling soup prepared with lamb, onions, chickpeas and potatoes is the country’s most beloved dish. Iranians savor it in two phases: first, the broth, into which they dip bits of bread and next comes the solid food, which is eaten mashed with a goosht-koob- a meat mortar used to crush solid ingredients along with fresh herbs. In restaurants, you can either do this yourself or leave it to the waiter. Abgousht is served with torshi, which is pickled vegetables to add a punch of flavour to the meal. This rich and mouth-watering soup will help warm you up on cold winter days!

2) Khoresht Gheymeh

Khoresht Gheymeh is beef and split pea stew made from a tomato base, usually served topped with fried saffron potatoes. In Muharram, a holy month in the Persian calendar, this heavenly dish is prepared and offered to those in need. You can enjoy this appetizing plate with aromatic rice.


3) Faloodeh

This dessert can be found in every ice cream parlour of the country. Faloodeh is made from frozen rice vermicelli and rose water. It comes from Chiraz, a city in south-central of Iran where it is called faloodeh shirazi. This sweet delicacy is served with lemon or cherry juice. Iranians also love to mix in some of the delicious traditional pistachios and rosewater ice cream. A mixture that is highly recommended, especially during the hot summer months!

4) Fesenjan

Fesenjan is an iconic dish dating back to the Achaemenid Empire in 515 B.C. Crafted using walnuts, pomegranate paste, and chicken or duck meat, it is commonly spotted among the dishes usually served at wedding ceremonies in Iran. In the ancient ruins of Persepolis, archaeologists found a tablet containing detailed information about the ingredients used to make Fesenjan, making it one of Iran’s most preferred dishes. This meal may also be made as a vegetarian dish, and some also prepare it with lamb, minced meat, or fish. It’s simply a divine dish you need to taste!


5) Sohan-e Qom

This confectionery or toffee candy composed of wheat, pistachios, almond, cardamom, sugar, and saffron is traditionally enjoyed with a cup of tea at the end of the meal. It has just the right amount of creaminess from the butter and a satisfying crunch from the nuts. Deliciously addictive!


6) Kebab

You can’t miss the kebab, one of the tastiest and most popular Iranian dishes. They are served in places called kabadis and are also available street food. Different regions have distinct ways of preparing kebabs. However, the most typical ones are those with ground lamb, beef or chicken mixed with chopped herbs and spices and served with Persian steamed rice. We can bet you’ve never tasted meat as good and perfectly grilled as the Iranian kebab!


7) Ash Reshteh

Another classic and nutritious stew of the Iranian cuisine, which is also very common in every household, is the Ash Reshteh. This simple dish is made of noodles, different types of legumes, spinach, yoghurt, onion, oil, and mint. Another heart-warming recipe that can be savored in winter! Iranians also symbolize this dish as something that supposedly brings good luck, which is also a common stable during Persian new year celebrations or other important occasions.

Have you ever tried any of these scrumptious Iranian dishes? Let us know whether you loved it in the comments below!



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