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Mistakes That Most First Time Travelers Do

Every year, there are numerous first-time travelers who travel to their life-long dreamed destination, and others set off on their professional journey. Even if you have been traveling almost every year or once in a while, it is quite reasonable for you to make some mistakes. For people who are traveling for the first time, it is okay for them to make a few mistakes. Well, this is because the situation is new to you and you have got no experience at all. If you want to be someone who is not a novice in traveling, then this blog is totally for you!

In this blog, you will read about the silly mistakes that you can make while traveling for the first time and the mistakes that you can avoid when going the next time.

1. Booking your flight late – One of the first steps when traveling is to check the flight dates and booking one. It is done as the prices tend to rise as the departure date draws near, which implies that the booking at the last minute can be costly. It is advisable to buy your tickets at least one month prior to your traveling.

2. Insurance – Before traveling, you need to make sure that you have a travel insurance cover as it will help you. If you happen to get sick or injured or even lose something, your insurance company will cover the cost. Also, if you are careful, you can’t be too cautious.

3. Not choosing your seat – The seat selection may or may not be included depending on what kind of ticket you are buying. If you are getting a basic economy seat, then it is better to keep some extra cash on you as some airlines charge an extra fee for a seat. It is definitely worth it to pay that extra for your seat as you can choose the one you prefer.

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4. Overbooking – It is tempting to get everything locked in – the hotel, the transfers, the breakfast, lunch, and the dinner; so that you don’t get worried at the last moment. Well, it is not recommended to do so as you will have to abide by each of them and disturb your entire schedule. It is better to book in the big things and leave some space on your itinerary to explore other places out of the blue.

5. Being scared of the locals – It is easy for locals to spot a first timer in their city, as some of the first time travelers subconsciously guard their money belts, or have their face set to suspicion, or are always trying to figure out what scam is happening. It is better to set up some connections before to any country. Don’t be afraid to befriend the locals as they are not out to get to you!

6. Underestimating cost – It is essential to save money before you travel. Do not assume that all prices are the same when you travel except if you are going to the district. Always remember the cost might not be the same as you saw online.

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7. Forgetting the exchange rate – One of the things that every traveler forgets is the exchange rate. Make sure that you have double-checked the exchange rate of the country you are visiting. It helps you to know the charges and how much money you should carry along. Always keep an eye on the exchange rate, as it may change and make some provisions if that should be the case.

8. Packing too much – Remember sleeping bags are for camping! If you’re going to stay in a hotel, then don’t take the sleeping bag or things that you usually use while going camping. Also, don’t pack too many clothes as it is certain that you will buy more there. Take the basic first aid kit that you need; you will get others there. Do not take more than three pairs of shoes and more than two pairs of jeans. Do bring soap as most hostels do not supply it.

9. Not informing the bank or credit card company of your travels – Remember to inform your bank when traveling abroad as they might suspect some fraud transactions are happening and freeze your account. Prior to your date of travel, inform your bank that you are going abroad and that you will be back in whatever weeks.

10. Waiting until the last minute to be vaccinated – When traveling, it is always good to keep the boring stuff in mind, too, such as vaccines. It is not the most exciting stuff to deal with, but it does make your trip and life easier. Get yourself vaccinated before boarding the flight as you don’t want to get sick while enjoying a healthy and scrumptious Goan dish! So basically, the earlier you get it done, the better it is!

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11. Panicking – If you are someone who panics in the pettiest of the situations, then it is not something that you should be wary of. Things always go wrong, especially if you are a rookie. The first mistake for any first-timer is okay, be sure that it does not happen again! Getting upset or freaking out s only going to make it worse.

12. Holding onto the guidebook – It is recommended to carry a guide with you when traveling to a country for the first time. It helps in giving you background information on places you are visiting or cities you are going to. Well, one mistake that most first time travelers do is to hold onto the guidebook as a gospel! They do everything that is written in the book or go to places that are suggested. Move out of the book and explore the city or region you are visiting on your own. I’m sure you will love it!

13. Don’t act like a tourist – Last but not the least, when traveling to any country or city it is better not to behave like a tourist. If you are a first-time traveler, then it is easy to spot you from a mile away, as you will be gripping onto your bags tightly or have a nervous look on your face. If you don’t want to put yourself in the limelight, then try to blend in with the crowd as enjoy your trip as the locals do. Befriend people who stay in the same hostel or hotel as you.

I know, traveling to a new country or city can be scary and exciting all at the same time. Well, the experience will be different each time as you get to meet new people every time you travel. Whether it is at the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, you can have the time of your life if you avoid making these mistakes.



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