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Backpackers vs Glampackers, Which One Are You?

There is an inconsiderable rise in the travel and hospitality industry as more people are beginning to realize that they need to travel more often. They are realizing that they need to have an unexplained experience that is very much followed by a sense of liberation gained from exploring new destinations. It is bound to happen that we meet new people, and each and every one of us has their own unique story to related. However, there are two terms which are sure to cause a rift among travelers around the globe and those two terms are Backpackers and Glampackers. So let’s break each in different ways to be more clear:


  • Backpackers are the most common travelers we tend to see almost anywhere. They are mostly young individuals who prefer roaming on a budget and can be found wearing anything from shorts to tight pants. Backpackers are independent travelers and believe in getting lost and learning from the locals.
  • Glampackers are the stylish lot who would spend an extra penny but won’t sacrifice their clothes and shoes while traveling. They have slightly more money than an average backpacker and certainly do not believe in the idea of traveling light.


  • Backpackers deeply immerse themselves in the local experiences. They often eat local cuisine, have a proper conversation with the locals and learn more about their culture. They travel to understand the life experiences of others. Backpackers are known as the real budget travelers who want to see as much of the world and that too on a limited budget. They prefer traveling alone and do not adhere to transportation.
  • Glampackers travel only because they are meant to, it can be either a career break or a tour. They prefer luxury travel and boutique hotels. Glampackers are believed to keep up with their Instagram profile every day and this explains why they prefer packing elaborate outfits for every single day. Glampackers do not sacrifice their comfort and they try to see the world while in their comfort bubble.

Shopping and Souvenirs

  • Backpackers do not rely too much on shopping and souvenirs however, they do buy weird and unique things from the artifacts and antique store. They prefer shopping to remember the place rather than having a luxury that will end in a few days. Backpackers are more attached to their cameras on which they would capture the expensive materialistic things.
  • Glampackers have the tendency to return with more luggage than they had taken initially. Their shopping can be from expensive shopping malls and from branded designer stores. They always buy things that are trending in the fashion industry in order to align with their fashion sense.

Well, I guess that’s enough comparison. Both backpackers and glampackers are trending around the world and they are always going to place to find the most amazing tourist spot for people who dream to travel.

With which do you identify yourself more?



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