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5 Countries Every Foodie Should Visit Once

Tasting the local cuisine is as important as the destination itself. Traveling and eating go hand-in-hand, and it’s part of the experience to taste all the local delicacies in a country you have never been to before. There are so many countries that are renowned for their food, and every foodie should visit once in their lifetime.



Here are five countries that every foodie (including myself) should visit:

1. Vietnam
This country has one of the cheapest and most delicious places to encounter authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From single-dish food stalls, mostly run by women, to the five-star restaurants, the food is amazingly delicious.

2. India
The country where spice rules the palates. India is a hub of delicious and memorable foods. It is a must-visit country for all foodies. Visit each state as each holds different takes on food!

3. Greece
Whether you’re a health freak or just a normal foodie, Greece is the ideal place. The cuisine is healthy and tasty. It’s worth traveling to Greece for its food!

4. Malaysia
Nasi goreng or nasi lemak, these are foods that continue to surprise foodies. Malaysian cuisine is heavily influenced by Thai, Indonesian, and Indian foods. Malay food is generally spicy and flavorful. Malaysia is one of the most recommended countries to visit for every foodie.

5. France
From baguettes and éclairs to foie gras and buttered snails, France is the heaven for all foodies. A visit to this gastronomical heaven is a must!

What are your favorite food destinations?



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