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Traveling solo or in a group is exciting but at the risk of sounding like your mother, it’s important to make sure you’ll be safe wherever you travel. According to a World Economic Forum ranks each country based on the “measures the extent to which a country exposes tourists and businesses to security risks mainly related to serious harm to people (violence and terrorism).” The ranking does not consider petty crime as dangerous.

Even if you have a travel insurance policy on your name, I would still suggest considering these countries that are labeled “unsafe to travel.”

Here is a look why these countries are unsafe to travel to:

1. The Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Congolese military is in charge of the country. So it’s totally normal if you come across Congolese armed forces as well as other armed groups and bandits. They are pretty violent. You are cautioned to take safety measures when traveling there.

2. Thailand


Southern Thailand is the most dangerous part of the country. More than 6,500 deaths have occurred in these areas due to violence.

3. Afghanistan


The internal terrorism ruined most of everything that this country had. Explosions occur on a regular basis that’s why most governments strongly advise against traveling Afghanistan.

4. Jamaica
Violent crimes and shootings occur on a daily basis and resorts are affected by it. You may want to be cautious when traveling there.

5. Honduras
Traveling to Honduras is warned as its notably high crime and violence rates can affect your stay there. Home to one the world’s highest murder rates, tourists are advised not to take the risk.

6. Egypt
Stunning as it is, Egypt is one country where ISIS and other extremist groups pose serious threats to the public.

7. Venezuela
Social unrest and crimes throughout Venezuela caused tourists to visit this country less. The shortage of basic goods such as water, food, medicine, and electricity are the main causes.

8. Kenya
With the constant threat of terrorism still high in the city. Grenades, shootings, and stabbings are common forms of attacks.

9. Syria
In the midst of the deadliest civil war in modern history, this once beautiful city is now just a pile of ruined historical places and homes. This loss is catastrophic both to the tourism industry and the economy.

10. Algeria
Imagine visiting the incredible cave paintings in the incredible beauties that this country has and suddenly you see yourself surrounded by a group of armed forces. The level of terrorist activity is high and dangerous as it for other neighboring nations.

11. Ukraine
Fighting between Ukrainian armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists is common in both the eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine. Civilians and tourists get caught up in the fighting.

12. Mali
As hotels and restaurants are often targets for terrorist attacks, Mali is usually avoided by almost everyone. In November 2015, a number of people were taken hostages and killed at a Radisson Hotel in Bamako.

13. Iraq
Iraq has now become synonymous with civil war, terrorism, and global conflict. This country is home to almost 12,000 archaeological and historical sites and it is a shame to see such wonders going to waste. Global terrorism, kidnapping and more are common.

14. North Korea
North Korea is a serious and curious case. The danger is the state. No crimes or terrorism but the dictatorship rule, it is vital that you adhere to the rules. Tourists are kept under heavy surveillance.

15. Burma
This stunning and beautiful country is home to some incredible landscapes and fascinating cultures. The threat of Islamic terrorism is relatively low right now but there are a hundred people are murdered by the Burmese government on a weekly basis. There is also a risk of ISIS being involved.

16. The Central African Republic
This country is full of diamonds, gold, oil, and uranium. As one of the poorest populations on the planet, the Central African Republic have poor human rights record. It’s best to go elsewhere for your holiday.

17. Guatemala
Considered as an unsafe country for women, crime is moderate. The country ranks third in the world for the highest number of homicides against women. If you are a woman traveling solo, then forget Guatemala!

18. Somalia


Extremely unstable and with an elevated risk of kidnapping and terrorism, Somalia is piracy. Kidnapping wealthy tourists and causing havoc are the reasons why visiting Somalia is less preferred.

19. Eritrea


This country is a geological wonder, and the Danakil Depression is one of the most remarkable sights on earth. Bordering Ethiopia makes this country vulnerable to armed conflicts and political turbulence. Western governments warn tourists not to travel to this country most of the times.

20. Pakistan

With incredible mountain ranges, Pakistan has become a country where Taliban and Al-Qaeda have attacked more than once. Some of the most beautiful regions are difficult to explore as results of terrorist activities.


Every country listed above has an abundance of beauty and majesty to offer visitors but is it necessary to take this risk just to travel?



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