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10 Romance Novels That Deserve to Be On Your Vacation (Part 2)

Romance novels are the best companions when traveling. So, if you want to cozy up with some hot romance novels, here are some of my favorites!

Note: The list includes only Nora Roberts’ books as I’m addicted to her novels as chocoholics are to Godiva.

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden, #1)

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden, #1)This bestselling novel by Roberts is a captivating story of loss and courage, of the strength of a family, of the hope of a widow and of an unexpected romance. This story surprised many readers because it didn’t only focus on the romance but also on the development of different characters and on building the intensity of the ghost story aspect.

“Blue Dahlia” opens us to a woman who dies lonely after her child is stillborn and to another woman who loses her husband in a plane crash at a young age and is left alone with her two boys. We are then cut to present times where Stella Rothschild is driving all the way from Michigan to Memphis with her two boisterous boys. When her first boy was born, she had set aside her career as a horticulturist and planner and now, since she has to raise and look after her two young and energetic boys, she has to find a job. Luckily, Roz Harper agrees to give her a job along with permission to live in the Harper House.

While working as the manager of the garden nursery, Stella crossed paths with brash yet fiercely attractive landscaper Logan Kitridge. He’s difficult and rude but also very honest, considerate at times –and indisputably hot and sexy.

As Stella adjusts and settles into her new life, she finds comfort with Roz and friendship with expectant mother, Hayley. While the 30-year-old widow is glad that her kids are happy living in the Harper House, she is confused by her attraction to the one man who hates paperwork and is just plain abrasive.

The plot will captivate you and the characters in this book will tug at your hearts, especially Stella’s two little monsters. What you will like about this book is how the characters are not perfect and yet they will get along in perfect harmony.

Naked in Death (In Death #1)

Naked in Death (In Death #1)For those who are unaware, J.D Robb is actually a pseudonym for the bestselling author Nora Roberts and she is the author of the famous In Death series.

In general, the In Death series are not really considered romance novels but more as romantic suspense or romantic crime thriller novels. The series started in 1995 with “Naked in Death” and introduced readers to a futuristic world. Set in New York City, the story centers on Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

Eve is completely different from Robert’s usual female leads. She is not sweet, calm, kind, caring and certainly not timid. She is strong, tough as nails, rash, methodical, practical, courageous and always strong-willed. Born to an abusive father, Eve was found in the streets outside a hotel by a police officer. With no records of her birth and her father’s death unknown, Eve was transferred to a foster home. At eighteen years old, she traveled to New York to become a police officer. After graduating from the NYPSD police academy, she worked hard until she found her way into the Homicide Division.

What’s special about “Naked in Death” is not how Eve works with a passion for justice or how “creatively” she swears at people, but when she comes across strikingly rich and strikingly handsome Roarke. Despite having the reputation of being a “prude” or of having a “stony stare” that can make people shut up, Eve could not resist her attraction to Roarke. Eventually, at the end of the investigation, a romantic relationship is formed between the two.

If you are a reader that loves a nice romantic story with some suspense and thriller, along with some HOT sex scenes, this book is for you!



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