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The French territory is known as an area that is packed with natural wonders. Among these wonders, you have the famous Gorges du Verdon. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, these gorges in question are admired by tourists and get a great deal from them.You will also probably not be disappointed by going to the place. So, to better appreciate these gorges, here is a presentation of these legendary gorges.

Gorges du Verdon: A Historical and Cultural Place

Admired for their prestige, the Gorges du Verdon are among France’s most prodigious natural resources. Existing for years, these wonders have finally become historical and cultural resources. First of all, the Verdon gorges have not always existed. In fact, long before their existence, there was only the Verdon River which had its source in the Col d’Allos. With time, this river started to dig small galleries, which later became the Verdon gorges.

Concretely, these gorges present the aspect of a canyon and form a set of mountains that you can contemplate from far. Deep at 700 m and wide at 1500m, they are quite majestic and admirable. These different parameters make them attract a high number of tourists every year. The Verdon gorges are no longer simple crevasses but now a cultural and historical resource. Such a qualification brings high the notoriety of these gorges and allows to attract the maximum of visitors to the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Gorges du Verdon : An Area Full of Splendors

The Verdon Gorges are indeed renowned for their prestige and beauty. But, this parameter is not the only one that explains the fame of this famous canyon. Indeed, in addition to these elements, it is necessary to recognize that these gorges are found in a place filled with splendors. This conditioning then allows visitors to maximize their presence on the premises. For example, standing close to the Verdon Gorge will give you an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. Such a view will amaze you and take away any anxiety.

Apart from the beautiful landscape, you will be able to admire on the spot; you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the region’s ecosystem. At the level of the gorges, there are magnificent species that value the environment’s flora. For example, you will be able to find very rare ferns such as the Doradille du Verdon (discovered in 1911). Also, you will have the chance to contemplate other endangered species like the Phyteuma villarsii plant (campulaceae family). With such wonders, it is evident that the Verdon gorges constitute a place of splendor.

Visiter les gorges du Verdon : guide pratique & choses à faire

Gorges du Verdon: An Ideal Place for Vacations

The Verdon gorges are a good place for vacations with the many wonders they have. Indeed, in addition to its flora and landscape, these gorges also allow you to explore some ineffable areas of the region. For example, the trip to the gorges forces you first to travel the Napoleon road. Distant from 314 km, this road will remind you of the wonders and greatness of the famous emperor. Such experiences are good to enrich your knowledge. In addition, while trying to access the gorge, you will have the opportunity to visit the village Moustier Sainte-Marie.

Known as the most radiant area of the region, this village offers you its modest and very radiant houses. Once there, you can enjoy the courtesy of the locals and taste some delicious food. The passage in this village will only dazzle you. Apart from these places, you can also visit other fabulous places like the lake of Sainte-Croix. The good news is that throughout your escapades in the gorges, you can do several fun activities like hiking, canoeing, rafting, etc. With these activities, you will not regret your visit to the gorges.



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