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Crete, the Ideal Place for a Cultural Vacation

Vacations are ideal for changing your mind. Indeed, these moments of pleasure can invigorate you and make you discover new realities and new customs. So, to apprehend new cultures, you will inevitably have to take the sea and go preferably to Crete. This region of the world is full of countless realities to explore.

Crete: A Place Full of Beautiful Places

Deciding to travel to Crete is probably the best decision you can make. This part of the world is full of extraordinary spaces that you can contemplate. For example, once in this region, you will have the privilege of visiting Chania. This main attraction of Crete tells many stories about the area. By visiting it, you can learn more about the region’s culture and enrich your knowledge. You can also meet the local people on this trip and enjoy their friendliness.

Moreover, the territory of Crete is full of several villages that hide many realities. For example, you can visit the Lassithi plateau, an area full of picturesque villages. On this plateau, you will have the chance to see the cave of Dikteon, which is the legendary birthplace of Zeus. Thus, as you travel around Crete, you will discover new areas and habits. These new experiences may instill in you new values or cultures.

Crete: A Region With a Special Gastronomy

Many European cities are famous for their cuisine. But if you want to learn about new gastronomic realities, you’ll have to travel to Crete. Indeed, this part of Greece offers culinary specialties that bring together the preferences of several world regions. In this way, by adopting such things, you will be able to embrace several cultures simultaneously. For example, when you are in Crete, you will have the privilege of consuming soups, vegetables, and dishes that use herbs as an ingredient.

These types of meals have strong affinities with French gastronomy. By tasting them, you will have the chance to remember the flavors and scents of good French dishes. Also, in these places, you will be able to eat cheese, mezze, drink milk and good wine. This set of foods will undoubtedly remind you of the Italian and French cultures. Thus, just with Cretan gastronomy, you can reconnect with the realities of other places. Moreover, Cretan specialties often use raw products to concoct the meals. By opting for this type of gastronomy, you will indirectly initiate yourself to raw food culture.

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Crete: An Ideal Area To Discover New Dances

Dances are often recognized as an integral part of any culture. In the culture of Crete, there are many rhythms that you should know. For example, in this region, you will have the chance to discover the “Kastrinos” dance. This type of rhythm is mainly practiced by men and remains impressive. Its practice relies on the speed of the body movements and the realization of small dance steps performed in a circle. This type of rhythm essentially reminds of some Turkish dances performed during weddings. Apart from that, you can also dance the “Pentozalis” in Crete.

As fast as the previous one, this traditional dance embodies revolution, hope, and heroism. Its practice helps to remember the courage and sacrifice of the ancient martyrs of Crete. Thus, when you perform these dances, you embrace the Cretan culture and highlight the region’s customs. In this way, you diversify your knowledge and broaden your culture. So, taking a trip to Crete is a better idea and an excellent opportunity to learn new things.



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