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Why Choose a Folding Caravan


Is a folding caravan a feasible solution for a pleasant holiday? The following article provides an overview of the subject.

The folding caravan comes in two forms.

1. Folding caravan with tent

This is a caravan that folds out to form a large tent; all the removable parts are assembled into the trailer. The advantage is that there is plenty of space under the canvas.

It is relatively easy to assemble. This type of caravan can be customized as an alternative to the traditional tent and is intended for the same purposes: holidays on a static site for the whole duration (camping, farm camping).

2. Rigid folding caravan

This has the same folded appearance as the previous one. When unfolded, the rigid panel assembly makes it look more like a traditional caravan; it will be found in the same places as the canvas caravan, but in some cases, it will be much easier to set up in a lonely spot in the wilderness.

Advantages and disadvantages of the folding caravan


The interest of this choice is dictated by budget criteria and holiday philosophy, similar to the selection of the tent, with the advantages linked to the caravan.

Advantages of a folding caravan

A folding caravan has many advantages:

– Measured prices: excellent for small budgets, much cheaper than a classic caravan, and in the long term, more interesting than renting; this is one of the first advantages of the folding caravan.

– User-friendliness: with the folding caravan, we find the joys of camping under canvas, evenings shared with other holidaymakers, simplicity, with the slight advantage of having an above-ground surface (the floor of the trailer) and a total surface area that is larger than the canvas.

– Size: the advantage of the folding caravan over the traditional one is its size; once folded and coupled to the vehicle, it is the size of an average trailer with all its advantages: limited height, no wind load, therefore reduced consumption, easier to manoeuvre, little weight, no need for a large vehicle to tow it, easy to stow away during the rest of the year, no need for a specific room.

– Freedom: compared to the rental formula where you stay in the same place for the duration of your stay, there is nothing to stop you from changing pitches once or several times if you don’t mind the somewhat laborious folding of the caravan.

Disadvantages of a folding caravan



The disadvantages are mainly related to a matter of sensitivity: if you like comfort, peace, quick installation and storage, and wild camping, you will undoubtedly choose another type of equipment (motor home, mobile home, etc.).

Cost of a folding caravan

The advantage of these caravans is their price, whether it’s a basic version: ~ 15m² and 2 beds or the more advanced ones: +30m² – 2 to 3 beds for 2 people – the living room of more than 10m²… Roma RV will be able to tell you more about them. As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of high-quality caravans, they will provide you with a fleet that suits your unique style, needs, budget and requirements.

If you contact them, please do not forget to share your experience with us because, as you must know, this publication is incomplete without your participation!

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