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A Visit to France for an Artistic Discovery

France, a very advanced country, gives a vital place to preserving its heritage which is admired by millions of visitors worldwide. In addition to the internationally renowned artists, it has become the best destination for a cultural vacation through various events.

Cultural Events in the Castle of Amboise

Marked by the history of its empire, France, a country of reference in terms of civilization, has become a true cultural cradle through the conservation of works of art and royal traditions.

The castle of Amboise is an example. This royal residence has become a great treasure with the footprints left by all the kings of France who succeeded each other, namely King Henry II, Louis XIV, Charles VII, etc. You can identify each of their personalities through their style and artistry. For example, Louis XII borrowed the renaissance style to build the second wing of the castle. In addition, the location and scale of this castle are simply spectacular. It offers a panoramic view of the Loire Valley. Visitors can take a traditional boat ride on this lake.

Moreover, a night show is offered to live the history of the renaissance. Several stagings are exposed, among which you can find glimpses of the royal evening, the bibliographies of the kings, and the events marking the Middle Ages. Thus, the history will be told through the different generations.

The CHAISE-DIEU Festival

For those who love classical music or jazz, the festival of La Chaise-Dieu awaits you for a festive and emotional stay. It is a religious concert in the abbey of La Chaise-Dieu, a religious community full of historical treasures. This festival is held every year during the summer season or at the end of August. Several pieces of sacred and classical music are presented. Indeed, this musical event gathers, among others, several musical composers, soloists, conductors, famous pianists, jazz composers, etc. For example, in its 55th edition, Georges Cziffra, the pianist with fifty fingers, was honored through the interpretation of the Pascal Amoyel. Thus, this artistic event has become a reference for the classical music festival, enhanced by the acoustic phenomena.

In addition, you should know that by visiting this place, you will not fail to discover the legends and works of art that make up this historic place. Indeed, the parish buildings adorned with particular luminosity, the famous monuments and the work of the master cabinetmakers are all spectacular.


Passionate about art, embark on the city of painters located in the Seine-et-Marne. This name refers to the Seine River and the Marne River crossing this region. Coupled with the lush greenery of the forest and the beautiful weather, a beautiful and sumptuous landscape stirs the imagination of many visiting artists. Among them are the works of Auguste Renoir, a famous French painter. Interested in portrait painting, he was inspired by lighting and natural scenery to enhance his talents. Thus, he made a great impression with various decorative paintings.

Moreover, due to their splendor, these works of art have been preserved in museums and have already traveled the world. The Canoeists’ Luncheon, exhibited in Washington, is an example. The canoe painted in this picture has been preserved and restored by the cabinetmakers to make history and pay tribute to this painter. Thus, tourists can borrow it for a river trip. Also, this place is a destination for river tourism. So, while passing through this region, you can also go on a cruise to admire the charm of the landscape and the tranquility of the place.

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