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The 5 cheapest islands to visit worldwide

Many individuals fantasize about relaxing on a tropical island with velvety white sand, cool surf, and towering palm palms. Island vacations can appeal to almost anyone, whether you want to lounge on the beach and drink cocktails or hike through the rainforest and surf in the ocean.

There is a common misconception that island holidays are always costly. Yes, islands may be very expensive if you chose to stay in five-star hotels and indulge in amenities.

There are, however, many inexpensive islands to visit where you may have a fantastic time without spending a fortune.

Consider exploring nature for free, sleeping in budget hostels, completing labor exchanges, and eating local street food to save money in addition to choosing affordable island places. You can also save money on an island vacation by flying economy airlines and traveling during the off-season.

The top 5 islands to visit for a low-cost vacation

This post will provide a list of 17 beautiful islands throughout the world that are truly affordable to visitors. I’ll offer a few money-saving tips and suggestions for each island. So, here are 17 low-cost island destinations throughout the world!

1. Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s lush and wild island, dubbed “The Garden Isle,” is one of the best affordable islands to visit in the United States.

Flight rates tend to decline after the busy winter season, so look for the cheapest flights to Kauai between March and June. Most of the beautiful natural features on Kauai’s lush, picturesque island can be enjoyed for free after you arrive.

To save money on Kauai, consider working in exchange for lodging! This hostel can teach you about volunteer tourism and hospitality.

2. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

While island hopping in Thailand or traveling in Southeast Asia, this little island in the Andaman Sea is a must-see. Koh Phi Phi is not only beautiful, with soft turquoise waves and lush green tropical cliffs, but it is also extremely affordable.

The cost of a night’s stay in a hostel on Koh Phi Phi is less than ten dollars. You don’t have to limit yourself at all when it comes to partying, dining out, and purchasing mementos. For about 20 USD, you may take a boat excursion around the islands.

3. Ios, Greece

Ios is one of Europe’s most affordable islands to visit. Although Greece has numerous luxury islands, Ios is an excellent choice for budget vacationers.

Ios, known for its nightlife and nightclubs, is great for young travellers looking to party and have a good time without breaking the bank. There is also fantastic hiking and exploration to be had in the island’s hills and forests.

4. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This island off the coast of Mexico is small but diversified, measuring only 5 miles long and 1 mile wide.

Spend your days swimming and snorkeling in the coral reefs, visiting the Mayan ruins, hiking to the lighthouse, and scanning the water for sea turtles and other marine life by taking an inexpensive ferry from Cancun to the island.

Much of Isla Mujeres can be explored on foot, and taxis are inexpensive if you wish to cover more land. Volunteering at this hostel can help you save even more money.

5. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a pleasant and family-friendly island resort off the coast of the United States, including jungles, beaches, and a historic Old Town.

Explore San Juan’s colorful colonial architecture, go hiking in the El Yunque Rainforest, or look for bioluminescent plankton in the ocean at night (a common occurrence around Puerto Rico).

In addition, there are other Worldpackers volunteer opportunities in Puerto Rico. You can work as a bartender in a Caribbean restaurant, on a cocoa and coffee farm, or study permaculture.

Are you planning in visiting any of these islands anytime soon? Let us know in the comments…


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