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Fair Warning: This blog is about people who don’t love traveling. Yes. They do exist! So, you will either agree with them or think they are some uncultured snobs trying to be the opposite of the mainstream. So, read at your own risk!

Why is it that some people hate traveling? Is there something wrong with them? Not at all!

It’s all because two people can never feel the same thing. Remember the hobbits of Tolkien? These little creatures that had no interest of traveling out of their land? Well, there are people who are very much like them. On the other hand, there are many who are like Gandalf. Traveling is in their veins and they take a genuine interest in visiting new places and seeking adventure.

Getting on a plane and going far away to some dream-like destination has somehow become a trend. If you tell your friends you hate traveling, you’ll be labeled as an old-fashioned douchebag or an artless cynic that just wants to be different from the group. However, that’s not the case. These people have their reasons for hating traveling. Let’s hear them out.

#1. No Excitement

No Excitement

Before, traveling was meant for enjoyment. There was nothing like the excitement and thrills you feel when you land in a new place. However, today traveling has become more of a “show off” thing.

It’s less about exploring new places and discovering new cultures and more about taking selfies and posting these “gloriously filtered images” on social media sites.

If you take my case for example, as a passionate reader, I’ll prefer spending a weekend at home, reading the latest of Nora Roberts rather than traveling to some unknown place.

#2. I’m Much More Comfortable at Home

I’m Much More Comfortable at Home

Recently, I have noticed that many of my friends and colleagues want to travel during the weekends. Like almost all weekends.

People are always seeking an opportunity to travel because they want to run away from their monotonous everyday life. They believe that traveling can free them from their miserable routine life.

But, there are some who love their everyday lives. They don’t find traveling good enough to leave the comfort of their lovely homes. And, mind you, they are not depressed souls!

I am a creature of habit. Waking up in the morning, brewing tea, listening to the radio for some time, getting to work and then returning back home to spend the evening with my family in front of the TV…that’s the routine and lifestyle I’m comfortable with.

Like me, some people are happy in their house and don’t want to get out of their comfort zones.

#3. I Can Afford Traveling, But…

I Can Afford Traveling, But…

Money is often one of the biggest factors that stop people from traveling. To be clear, it’s not when you don’t have enough money to travel. Instead, it’s when you can afford the vacation, but you don’t want to because it’s a waste of money.

If I have enough money to spare, I would rather spend it on quality clothes and shoes that will stay with me for a very long time.

#4. I’m an Introvert

I’m an Introvert

Traveling is about visiting new places – places packed with people – and meeting new friends –lots and lots of friends. For you and me, this might sound great, but for an introvert, such places might wear them out.

Foreign places are filled with all kinds of foreign sights and sounds. When it comes to famous tourist destinations like Rome and Paris or big cities like New York, I swear you are gonna have your fair share of people chattering, voices rising and falling, cars honking and beeping and footsteps tapping the pavement.

Such places can be so overwhelming that you can’t speak, take pictures or wander around. So, what’s the use of traveling when you can’t even enjoy these places?









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