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5 Ways To Spend Wonderful Holidays in Qatar

Qatar is one of the most beautiful countries globally, famous for its arid desert and Persian Gulf coastal terrain with its beaches and sand dunes. Architecture, skylines, and skyscrapers are just part of the reasons why tourists should visit this unique destination. Here are some of the places you should not miss on your trip to Qatar.

1) Qatar National Museum

Let’s start with the most beautiful building in the city, the Qatar National Museum, which opened for the first time at the end of March 2019. For many, it is not necessary to go inside the museum since the exterior itself makes a great impression. The building is as iconic as the Sydney Opera House, and its shape is based on the crystals of the desert rose, a type of sand flower found in the Qatari desert. It’s cool to see something from the natural world that you would typically hold in your hands transformed into a huge and impressive building that looks like a dream.

In addition to admiring the Qatar National Museum from afar, be sure to take a stroll through the courtyard (just free access) where you can relax in the sun or shade. Every inch of it is just amazing and beautiful to look at!

ED First Look: The National Museum of Qatar

2) Admire the Multi-story Pigeon House in the Village of Katara

Doha’s old city center has several unique buildings, and the one-meter-high Dove Court is one of them. The sand-colored tower was built for pigeons, which can sometimes be seen diving into the small holes or sitting quietly on the wooden poles. You can also stroll through the marble amphitheater. Even if there is no show, this building is impressive just to see.

3) Desert Safari

You naturally think of deserts and camels when you think of the Middle East. The desert in Qatar is unique in that it faces the sea, and the best light is often at dusk. Special trips to the desert are available in Qatar, where you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will take you through the highest sand dunes (tens of meters high!) and then spend a few hours in the loose sand.

Camel, Qatar, Desert, Locomotion, Group, Animals

4) Stroll Down the Boulevard Overlooking the West Coast

Doha has many skyscrapers, and the view of the West Bay skyscrapers lit up both day and night is truly lovely. If it is not too hot during the day or around sunset, a walk along the bayfront boulevard is recommended. This 7-km-long promenade, also known as the Corniche, has a horseshoe shape that allows visitors to view the city skyline from many different directions.

As you walk down the boulevard, you will see the Sheraton Hotel, a modern, somewhat triangular-shaped hotel that opened in 1978. The entire city was built in a little over 40 years. Also on the waterfront is the Museum of Islamic Art, where you can learn about the history of Islam. This is also located in a beautiful building and is a must-visit for those interested in history.

Sheraton Hotel-Damascus Updated 2022 Room Price-Reviews & Deals |

5) Go Out for Dinner

Doha has many delicious restaurants. Be sure to sit down on an empty stomach, as you will most likely be full after your appetizers. If you order a three-course menu, you will often be served a bowl full of hummus or baba ghanoush (roasted eggplant salad) and freshly baked pita bread in advance, or a salad with pomegranates or meatballs. Expect lots of meat skewers as the main course. For dessert, you will often get creamy desserts with pistachios and rosewater.

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Have you ever been to any of these places in Qatar? Share your views with us in the comments below!



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