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Discovering Seoul: A Lovely South-Korean City

Seoul is a city with an international flavor, great restaurants, and an amazingly diverse population. In this article, we’ll share with you the charm of Seoul and hope you will be impressed by the beauty of this Korean city!

Good to know: Seoul has a metro network of about 500 kilometers throughout the city. This makes it easy to get from A to B. Seoul’s metro system is very clean, modern, and above all, high-tech.


It only takes an hour from Incheon International Airport to get to Hongdae. It’s a lovely area that serves as an excellent base for exploring the city. Hongdae is a neighborhood full of young people, street musicians, cozy restaurants, and art of all sizes. Also known as the student district of Seoul, there is always something going on in this area, and you will never be bored.

Day or night, you can get lost in the small streets, beautiful parks, and lively nightlife areas. And be sure to try the traditional Korean BBQ in this city!


Itaewon is a district with dynamic nightlife. There are often clubs and (international) restaurants in the neighborhood. Some of the most popular bars/clubs are Cakeshop, Pistil Seoul, Faust, Jack’s Bar, The Fountain, The Griffin Bar, Casa Corona, Prost, etc.

Itaewon is also known as a foreigner residential area. You can meet many American soldiers, international students, and tourists. Are you tired of trying Asian food? That’s not an issue since this neighborhood is full of fast food and cozy restaurants. So, don’t be surprised if you are on the other side of the world and can still get a good kebab sandwich here after a night out!

Gwangjang Market

Korean food is already so tasty, but at the Gwangjang Market, they make it even better. You can buy all kinds of traditional snacks and meals at a low price at this market. You can also get fresh fish and vegetables.

Korea, South Korea, Market, Traditional Market


Gangnam is the business district of Seoul. It is a district full of offices, luxury cars, and people with full wallets. In this district, everything revolves around seeing and being seen. Gangnam has an endless supply of high-tech cafes, fine restaurants, and high-end fashion stores. Highly recommended: Lounge X. This is a robot cafe where you pay with various cryptocurrencies and robots serve you coffee.

Dongdaemun (downtown Seoul)

Dongdaemun is a familiar place in Seoul. There are many shopping malls and design plazas in this district in the center of Seoul. In particular, there is a beautiful landmark called Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which makes it look like a big western city. If you like art and unusual restaurants, then head to Sewon Square. This is an old commercial market where trendy restaurants and art studios open their stores every month. There is also a super lovely platform here with a unique view.

Bukhansan National Park

Are you ready for peace and space? Do you like hiking? Then climb Bukhansan on the city’s outskirts for a great view! Set aside a day for this and make sure to wear good shoes. The average hike to the highest peak is 3 hours.

Bukhansan National Park — description, photos, contacts | Planet of Hotels

Lotte World

Lotte World is the largest theme park in South Korea and has the longest wooden roller coaster track. It also has the world’s largest indoor theme park and an outdoor amusement park, Magic Island. This artificial island in the middle of the lake, connected by a monorail, is one of the main attractions here. The island has many attractions such as shopping centers, luxury hotels, the Korean Folk Museum, sports facilities, and movie theaters.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Let us know in the comments below!



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