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Quaint Tourist Destination: The Northern Part of Madagascar

Once the summer vacations are in sight, several activities and places are offered to all vacationers who wish to stay away from their homes. Madagascar lies off the southeastern coast of Africa and is a biodiversity hotspot, and 90% of its wide life is seen nowhere else in the world. So why not change the playground this time, and go to the most beautiful beaches of the fifth-largest island in the world?

Ramena, Diego Suarez 


Located in the northern region, Diego Suarez is one of Madagascar‘s largest and most popular tourist cities. Almost all the island’s tourists come to Diego Suarez, which is famous for its beautiful beaches, especially Ramana beach. Miles of white sand with a turquoise sea and an azure sky, who wouldn’t want to go there? A dream setting offers the view of one of the most beautiful seas in the world and long, imposing massifs in the South of the region. We see various attractions, such as the Montagne d’Ambre, which is one of the national parks of Madagascar. You can capture these beautiful places in video clips.

Nosy Be, Mozambique Channel 


North-east of Antsiranana is a small archipelago of small islands and beaches of which Nosy Be is the largest. Also called “Ambariobe” or “big island” in French, Nosy Be is a real nugget on the sea. It is a small volcanic island of about 320 km2, and it has a dense forest with several endemic Malagasy species. In fact, if you spend your summer vacations there, you will have the privilege to enjoy a paradisiacal beach, but also a right to visit the natural heritage of the region. Also, as it is close to Diego Suarez, you could make a small stopover there, just to visit two magnificent places with one stone of two shots.

Nosy Iranja, the archipelago of Nosy Be


Stretching over twenty kilometers from the North to the South, the archipelago of Nosy Be is composed of 5 other islands that will give you the same luxurious welcome as the main one (Nosy Be). Nosy Iranja, also called the island of turtles, by its name, is an island whose beaches are chosen by sea turtles to accompany their offspring. It is a sumptuous beach, semi-deserted and tropical, that attracts not only turtles but also tourists. In addition, this little treasure is also famous for its sandy tongue that connects the nearby islets at low tide.

Nosy Komba, the archipelago of Nosy Be


Nosy Komba, translated in French as “lemurs’ island”, is not only home to the emblematic animal of Madagascar, but also to a wide range of fauna, from terrestrial to aquatic, which contributes to the local hotel service and to underwater activities. Every year, adventurers and divers from all over the world come to Nosy Tanikely to take up the island’s challenges and visit the wildest environment. For those who just want to take it easy, there are several entertainments such as snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports.

Nosy Tanikely, the archipelago of Nosy Be 


Nosy Tanikely is a submerged islet, making it a life-size water park. Called the “island of the little land”, it is filled with an incredible biodiversity safeguarded by a long coral reef that surrounds the entire beach. Thus, one can see many aquatic creatures such as turtles, gorgonians, and various fish of all colors. On a drone shot, Nosy Tanikely looks like the inside of an aquarium, as if every detail of its environment saw exactly to the contents of the tank. To go there, just leave Nosy Be and take the south direction.

Nosy Sakatia, the archipelago of Nosy Be 


Part of the most beautiful islands of the Nosy Be archipelago, it is located on the west side, a few kilometers from the main island. Nosy Sakatia is also called the “island of orchids”, which makes it a guardian of the floral ecosystem of the North. You can find not only a great variety of plant and animal species but also several human activities such as hotel services, several restaurants, games, entertainment, etc. Find in a tropical atmosphere the real pleasure of a vacation. Madagascar is a relatively affordable destination

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