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7 Must-Try Traditional Canadian Delicacies

Canada is one of the countries that govern certain unique respect from immigrants, just like all the other things you hear about the country, such as its exceptional food, the stereotype of the wild and the temperate climate where everyone can find their own style of weather, which makes it much more appealing than many others. One of the unusual things you may hear about Canada is the seemingly peculiar way it cooks. It consists mainly of spices, and most people either hate it or love it (both decisions made without having tried a single Canadian dish!). But even if we say we don’t like this “weird and wacky cuisine”, we all want to try it.

 We’ve all heard of the famous Canadian dish poutine. On TV and in movies, it’s often presented as a mixture of sauce, chips and cheese, and there’s not one of us who doesn’t gag at the thought of it. Saskatoon pie may not be the most famous globally, but believe me, many people crave this little slice of heaven. Among the unique dishes that Canada has offered the world is an exciting combination of sweet and savoury dishes. Although Kraft macaroni and cheese is the most edible dish of the week in this country, there are many other delicious Canadian dishes that you must try. Here are seven of the best.


#1. Poutine

No one would be surprised that Poutine was at the top of Canadian cuisine, as only a few Canadian dishes have managed to come close to the massive renown that Poutine Canadian food has amassed. Known as the signature Canadian dish worldwide, Poutine is a rich and fantastic blend of deep-fried fries, cheesecakes that can make any of us drool and a sauce that is to die for.


#2. Canadian BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken is a traditional Canadian dish and the most popular food in the country. The chicken turns out to be very juicy and incredibly tasty. In the original, it is cooked on open coals on the grill and always with maple syrup.


#3. Butter Tarts

One of the more famous desserts coming out of Canada is butter cakes which is one of the easiest things to do, which only if someone with an oven, a boatload of butter and basic pastry skills can bake them. But its simplicity is hardly the reason for its overwhelming popularity, as Canadian butter cakes melt in your mouth while chewing and are very close to being our best Canadian dessert. It is without a doubt one of the very best popular Canadian foods.


#4. Beavertails

These can mainly be described as slices of deep-fried dough and are quite commonly made in Canada, both in restaurants and at home. Of course, they can taste wet to most people. Still, they really start to shine and become fantastic when eaten covered in a kind of toppings, such as Reese’s Pieces, Nutella, or the evergreen classic peanut butter enjoyed by people worldwide.


#5. Tourtière

This dish is named after the Tourtière St-Jean Lake and is served where the traditional meat pie is served. The difference lies in several fillings from different types of meat, including fresh bison, wild boar and deer. It is usually a mixture of pork, beef and lamb. The dough for the pie is chopped, and the bowl is baked at a low temperature of 120 degrees for several hours.


#6. Montreal-Style Meat

Smoked meat in Montreal is a kosher delicacy prepared by salting and ageing beef in aromatic herbs. The breast is allowed to “mature” for a week so that it is saturated with flavours. Then it is smoked hot, and at the end, it is dipped with steam.


#7. Maple Taffy

There is absolutely no doubt that eating this will be one of your most memorable events when you visit Canada. A nationwide classic, tire d’érable is also known by its street name, maple business name. I’m sure a lot of us have been fantasizing about, from time to time. Even watching someone make maple taffy is quite fascinating, like a pot of boiling maple syrup (yum!) It is slowly poured throughout the snow, causing the syrup to harden immediately.


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