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The Art of Eating Pizza: Everything You Should Know

This flat baked and open pie is finally out of the oven. Its welcoming smell of oregano and melted cheese is already tickling your taste buds. And when the plate reaches your table, you can’t resist the allure of the colour combination of spiced tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, olives and all the other toppings you’ve chosen. You quickly grab it, and from the first bite of this fat, sweet and rich food, you’re already amazed and asking for more. You are so excited by this food that you keep eating it for pleasure, thinking that you are probably the only one who feels so greedy. But relax, you are not alone in this experience of indulgence! Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and a variety of versions are usually included in a restaurant menu.

While it is trendy all over the globe, everyone has their own way of eating it, and although there is no perfect way to do it, there are specific rules you can follow to make your bites more delicious and enjoyable. You know, the kind of mouthfuls that all gourmets aspire to. Interested about learning more on these tips? Keep reading!

Ditch the Cutlery

Of course, this is a personal preference if you want to eat pizza with a fork and knife, but gastronomic experts will tell you to ditch your cutlery and eat with your fingers to appreciate the flavour better. So you want your slices to taste better? Be bold! Put down your utensils and eat your pizza with your hands.

Use Your Fingers

After dropping your cutlery, you will need to know how to grab it properly to avoid a complete mess.
You can opt for the approach that suits you the most, but it is always good to know the several ways of folding that exists which include:

  • The Wide Open Plain: Well, there is no folding in this one! But it’s still a common way to hold your slice. When the crust of a pizza is firm enough to support the weight of all the cheese and toppings on it, there’s no need to fold it to prevent the ingredients from falling off when you eat it.


  • The Flop: If you don’t want to fold your pizza, but your crust isn’t stiff enough to hold the toppings, this is the approach you should choose. Hold the slice just below your nose and let it drop directly into your mouth like a pizza cascade.


  • The Full Fold: This approach involves folding your slice entirely in half to eat it. It’s one of the easiest methods of consuming your pizza, even if it’s not the most enjoyable, as you won’t be able to appreciate the toppings on it fully.The Crimp: Turn your slice into a structural triangle with just two fingers, so your pizza doesn’t fall off, and the grease doesn’t drip. How? It’s easy! Create a slight curve in the crust while pressing down on the top with your index finger and using your thumb and middle finger to support the dough.


  • The Wallet: Also known as the Neapolitan fold, it consists of bending the end of the slice to the crust and then folding it into half to make like a pizza pocket. This technique ensures that the fillings are kept on the slice while you get a whole lot of flavour in every bite.

Know Your Seasonings

In addition to the different ways to hold your slice, there are also several seasonings you can add to your pizza after it has been served. And to make sure you make the right choice, it’s helpful to know what they are beforehand.

  • Garlic Powder: Most pizza sauces already contain garlic, but this seasoning powder is very famous. People like to add it to their pizza because it can quickly even out the flavour of an under-seasoned or overly sweet slice.


  • Red Pepper Flakes: It is not an Italian tradition, but it is still appreciated by many. Especially on a plain dry slice of pizza, sprinkling a few crushed red peppers can instantly level your pizza game.


  • Dried Oregano: Many pizza preparations already contain this ingredient, but it can also be used as the perfect seasoning. Though you don’t want to add too much, a little bit of this herb will add a marvellous earthy flavour to your dish.

Fizz Up Your Drinks

Another tip to consider to enjoy your pizza better is the drink choice. Since there will be copious amounts of heavy chewing dough, you will want to consider a fizzy drink to get rid of the fat. So it is best to pair your pizza with a soft drink, a beer or even some sparkling water.

Knowing these little tricks can immediately improve your pizza eating pleasure. However, the ultimate tip, of course, is first to choose a restaurant that already has a passion for serving mouthwatering pizzas like Table 55.



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