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Why move to Canada? Here’s the ultimate guide to all the fantastic advantages of living in Canada!

Canada has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the friendliest places on earth. Not only that, but it’s also considered to be one of the safest places to live. If you’re looking for the benefits of moving or immigrating to Canada, you won’t have to look very far.

So why is Canada so popular? And why do so many ex-pats and migrants find it one of the most attractive countries in the world to live and work? It’s long been a country for people who want to live in a place where clean air, ethical living standards and safe streets are a priority, and that’s what you get when you go to Canada. A safe place to live among people who have strong values and ambition. Check out some more compelling reasons to move to this fascinating and forward-thinking country!

Crime Rates Are Incredibly Low

Okay, so the population of Canada is small, and this should be taken into account. But, the fact remains that with a population of over 36 million people, in 2017, there were just 660 murders. Compare that to the fact that over 39 million people live in California alone, and 2017, they had a staggering 1,830 crimes. Just knowing that you live in a country where violence is not the norm adds peace of mind to your life, which is hard to find in other countries.

Oh-So Stunning Scenery

Words can’t really do justice to the beautiful Canadian scenery. Vast, sweeping and unspoiled, there are great swathes of land which are virtually untouched by human feet. It’s massive…which means that when you want to “get away from it all,” you really can! From forests to lakes and mountains, the landscape is varied and gorgeous.

Yummy Food

There’s some fantastic food to be had in Canada. Farmers’ markets proliferate in smaller towns, and larger towns and cities pride themselves on their sophisticated and modern restaurants.

In addition to maple syrup, Canadian favourites you’ll grow to love include Saskatoon berry pie, poutine, bannock, butter tarts, Pierogi dumplings and Montreal style bagels.

Great Job Opportunities

Under the Federal Skilled Workers programme, there are currently 347 occupations that qualify you for fast track entry. They cover a wide variety of professions, including medical, engineering, management, construction and more. So check out the latest list to see if your skill is listed.

Canada’s economy is growing, and growth inspires more needs, opening all sorts of opportunities for all kinds of professions. Not only are there great opportunities, but Canada’s laid back and relaxed style also means that there’s lesser stress you might have been used to in your home country.

An “Education Superpower”

Canada’s education system is leaving rivals in the dust. According to surveys run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada was one of only a handful of countries appearing in the top bracket for math, science and reading.

Canada’s results place them streets ahead of the US and the UK. Not only that, but Canada also scored highly for equity in achievement based on gender, social background and significantly if you’re moving to Canada, equity for immigrants too.

Modern Metropolitan Living

Cities in Canada are modern, smart, stylish and clean – a big attraction for many migrants who, while they may enjoy the great outdoors, also like urban convenience! Canada’s cities are spacious, well designed and easy to get around.

You can easily live in a large suburban house and commute to work. As in any country, while it’s true that the most prominent cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, may be crowded and expensive, you don’t have to go far outside the city centre to find a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

Overall Quality of Life

Canada is well known for its high standard of living combined with the quality of life. Not only has it got the right balance between work and play, but also the perfect environment to enjoy both.

Canadians value their downtime, which is reflected in the number of public holidays and the more relaxed working hours enjoyed by most residents. You can really feel more lively living in Canada thanks to the emphasis which is placed on relaxation.


Canada is really built for families. In the suburban streets, there’s a feeling of safety and togetherness with lots of community events such as barbecues and festivals catering to families with kids. Canada offers it all, whether it’s playing outdoors, education, places to visit, eating out, a positive environment, or future opportunities.

Montreal and French Quebec

Montreal is a beautiful city; most people there indeed speak French, but the majority speak good English too. However, if you want to live there, it’s a good idea to learn French, as being bilingual is expected. The history, architecture, food and culture in Montreal is unforgettable.

Cultural Melting Pot

A third of Canadian students weren’t born in Canada but have settled in the country have migrated from elsewhere. British ex-pats make up a good proportion of migrants, but others come from America, Asia, Australia and various parts of Europe.

The result is a wonderfully rich cultural experience, which is evident in the cuisine, the fashion and the art of Canada. This vibrant cultural mixture ensures that children in Canada have very broad minds and a good knowledge of the world around them.

Very Open-Minded

It is probably no surprise that Canada was ranked number 1 in the world for tolerance in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. Renowned for being one of the most open-minded countries around, Canada has been allowing same-sex marriage since 2005, whilst other countries are only now just now ushering it in!

That’s great news if you’re immigrating to Canada. There are many migrants, and Canadians are welcoming no matter what your race, gender or culture.

Want to Move to Canada?

It’s no surprise that many folks considering the question of migration are looking at Canada as their top option. The benefits of moving to Canada are clear; it’s a magnificent country with beautiful scenery, a forward-thinking culture and many opportunities.

So as soon as you’re ready to go, give RNR CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY a call, and they’ll help you get all your belongings there, no matter if you’re shipping a few boxes or shipping the entire contents of your house.

Let’s get packing!



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