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To avoid the sinking feeling that comes with forgetting something, go through this post to ensure that you have everything you need to be comfortable in a motel. Packing for a stay in a motel when you are traveling requires forward-thinking and strong organizational skills. The checklist below will hopefully make the entire process run much more smoothly for you:

  1. Clothing
    Since motels do not have laundry facilities, you will have to think ahead when packing. Although you may not want to travel with hefty luggage, remember that spending your vacation time at the coin laundry will be even more annoying.

    To avoid that kind of scenario, instead, pack for the number of days you are staying at the motel. Staying for a week? Pack enough outfits to last you for a week. You can also pack a spare outfit to be on the safe side.

    Also, think of packing at least one dress outfit. You can either pack a nice dress or collared shirt and matching slacks. If you are traveling in summer or if you have water activities planned, pack swimsuits and clothing to use as a cover-up, such as a beach sarong.

    Some items can work with more than one outfit. These include:
    i. Jeans
    ii. Scarves
    iii. Blazers
    iv. Jackets
    v. Hats
    vi. Gloves (if you are traveling in winter)

    On the other hand, there are some items for which you may want to have an extra pair or two. There can be an emergency situation for which these items can come in handy:
    i. Undergarments
    ii. Socks
    iii. Pantyhose
    iv. Shoes (ensure that they are suitable for the place you are visiting and the activities you have planned)
  2. Toiletries
    Some motels offer complimentary bottles of shampoo and bars of soap. Instead of not assuming the motel you are staying at does the same, call them and confirm. You can then start packing your toiletries.

    Start by packing toiletries that you use every day and that is not included in your package first. These will generally include:
    i. Toothbrush
    ii. Toothpaste
    iii. Dental floss
    iv. Shaving supply
    v. Shower gel or soap
    vi. Shampoo
    vii. Hair conditioner

    You can now start packing all other items that you use when you get ready in the morning, such as:
    i. Hairbrush
    ii. Hairstyling products
    iii. Body Lotion
    iv. Deodorant
    v. Perfume
    vi. Sunblock
    vii. Moisturiser
    viii. Make-up
    ix. Glasses or your contact lenses
    x. Lip balm
  3. Medications and Sprays
    These are also split into two categories. Medications that you take just to ensure you have them handy should someone fall sick or need them, such as:
    i. Pain reliever
    ii. Fever reducer
    iii. Throat lozenges
    iv. Ointment
    v. Drugs that prevent or control nausea
    vi. A box of adhesive bandages
    vii. A bug spray or a mosquito repellent

    Then there are prescription medications that you or your family member takes. Remember to include extras and pack them in different pieces of luggage in case a piece of luggage gets lost or you get stuck somewhere unexpectedly while traveling. Birth control pills will also fall into that category.
  4. Food
    Some motels offer breakfast in their package while some don’t. Even if they do offer breakfast, they will not generally offer a lot in the way of food. Hence, consider packing quick snack items or breakfast items. You can buy some of these when you reach your destination. No need to carry everything in your luggage. Try to pack things that are somewhat nutritious and that will fill you up until you can get a proper meal. Some of the things you can buy are:
    i. Protein bars
    ii. Granola bars
    iii. Cereal bars
    iv. Dried fruits (such as raisins, cranberry)
    v. Whole-grain pretzels
    vi. Nuts (almond nuts, pistachio)
    vii. Homemade trail mix
  5. Entertainment
    When you stay at motels you risk finding out that the cable TV offerings provided are insufficient entertainment. While you may think that your travel plans are packed enough, you never know when you may have some downtime in your motel. To avoid getting bored or spending all your time scrolling on your phone, you can pack some things that will keep you busy. These include:
    i. Reading materials. These can be magazines or the book you keep saying you have to read.
    ii. Toys, coloring books, and games to keep your children entertained if you are traveling with them.
  6. Electronics
    In addition to your cell phone and digital camera, remember to also pack their respective chargers and extra batteries if necessary. If you think you’ll need your laptop and GPS, bring them along with you as well. You can also download a few movies on Netflix to ensure that you stay entertained throughout your trip.



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