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10 Restaurants You Need to Eat in Once

Every now and then we hear of the best restaurants from around the world and we get curious about the food there. Some plan their trip around the restaurants they have to visit or some just end up watching videos on YouTube of famous people eating in those restaurants. If you are planning to travel soon, here is our list of ten restaurants that you need to eat in once in your lifetime.

  1. Noma, Copenhagen, Denamark – Reinventing the Nordic cuisine, this restaurant is run by Chef René Redzepi. The two Michelin star restaurant serves Nordic cuisine with unusual local ingredients, which includes reindeer moss and cod liver. If you want to have a taste of this exquisite food, then book your table fast because it’s full every evening.
  2. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain – A three Michelin stars, this restaurant is the conception of the three Roca brothers. Be mesmerized by the amazing restaurant that generally requires a reservation from months in advance. As it is a freestyle restaurant, more focus is put on the avant-garde and the traditions from past generations. If you are visiting Barcelona, then do drop by this freestyle restaurant where you can taste the delicacies
  3. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy – Owned and run by Chef Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana was recently named as the best restaurants in the world. It is praised as a classic surprise and pleasure that one can have. The chef creates both avant-garde dishes alongside the traditional Italian staples as gourmet cuisine.
  4. Ithaa, Maldives – Imagine having lunch or dinner with your soulmate undersea! Well, to kill two birds with one stone, we are talking about about Ithaa in Maldives. There is no pictures or description apt enough to be able to convey what this place is for real. This 16 feet undersea restaurant is the world’s first fully dining space where you can witness more than marine life in the clearest waters in the world. Be ready to have the best food you ever had!
  5. Nathan Outlaw, Al Mahara, Dubai – Nestled in a sail shaped, Burj Al Arab hotel this place is home to Nathan Outlaw’s Middle Eastern restaurant. Witness sharks swimming near while you are sipping on a wine or having the best seafood dish that Nathan serves. Let the critically acclaimed seafood connoisseur flatter your palate with his unique cooking style and memorable signature dishes. If you are afraid of the undersea, there’s always the waterfront patio tables where you can dine in without any problem.
  6. Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Italy – With one of the most incredible views over the Adriatic Sea, Grotta Palazzese is one restaurant that everyone ought to visit once in your life. Surrounded by the magnificent cliffs in Polignano a Mare, this restaurant is open only during spring and summer. Get the taste of a refined cuisine where beauty and the uniqueness of each dish. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.
  7. Northern Lights Bar, ION Hotel, Iceland – Imagine having a delicious dinner alongside the love of your life and the view of the Northern Lights beaming upon you. Well that can happen at Northern Lights Bar in ION Hotel in Iceland, this restaurant is one of the best places where you can have an excellent stay along with an excellent service. You are sure to be entertained with delicious meals and quality service. So pack your bags!
  8. Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar – One of the most beautiful places in the world, Zanzibar offers the best dining experience at the world-famous restaurant Rock Restaurant. Known for the fabulous food that are inspired by the natural resources, get the taste of authentic Zanzibar and Italian love. The restaurant combines local spices, flavors, and foods from the sea and land to present some familiar dishes with a local taste. Dependent on the tide, you can either wade out, rent a boat or walk to the Rock Restaurant. Be ready to be transported to the magical world of Zanzibar.
  9. El Farallón, Mexico – It is worldly known that local is the best and the best food is always made and taste good with locally sourced products and ingredients. At El Farallón, you are served fresh fish and seafood in amazing and mesmerizing dish that you will be remember life long. Tucked away on the beach and into the cliffs, El Farallón is worth visiting and be awed by the magnificent sea. Chef Gustavo Pinet offers the best selection of the local catch on ice and the culinary experts will guide your selection and assist with side dish pairings. You are surely going to be pampered at El Farallón.
  10. White Rabbit, Moscow – Include the White Rabbit restaurant when you are visiting Moscow. Be mesmerized by the White Rabbit, a restaurant subtly Alice in Wonderland themed, this restaurant is one of the places you have to eat in when you are in Moscow. The chefs at White Rabbit explore the culinary world and deliver it to your table. Be ready for one of the best experience in Moscow!


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