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Traveling the world and discovering new cities is both a beautiful and exciting experience. To immortalize your memories as well as your emotions in a way, you can design printed maps of the different metropolises you travel through. In this article, discover the Map poster offer from the Mapiful start-up, which allows you to design personalized maps.

How to design a printed map with Mapiful Map poster?

Mapiful offers you the possibility of immortalizing your trip with a printed map of the city you are visiting. You can, therefore, make a personalized poster to your taste and unique. The site offers large and small frames as well as posters in a wide range of designs and styles.

Mapiful is a start-up that gives you everything you need to create a refined and subtle work. For each poster, Mapiful displays in the middle of the page the ultimate result of your options. These are then updated live. On the left, you will find a range of tools that allow you to customize the poster.

To start, you need to enter the name of the city you are in. The location will spontaneously appear on the map. You will need to zoom in and adjust before moving on to the personalization phase. Whether it’s the format, title, caption or layout, you can absolutely customize anything.

After having marked the name of the metropolis, insert a subtitle as well as the geographical coordinates which are below. You can choose the colors, the font and the size that suit you. You just have to choose the orientation and the format of the creation, and you’re done. Once you get home, you can put these cards on your walls. You will thus be permanently in contact with your memories which represent the best moments of your trip.

The advantages of Mapiful’s Map poster

Mapiful’s Map poster offer for beautiful map posters offers several advantages to its users. These advantages are to be discovered here.
An immortalization of your journey. Mapiful’s Map poster offer helps you celebrate the route you’ve taken on your trip, with customizable wall art.

A design that looks like you

Map Poster by Mapiful helps you create a sumptuous decor that blends in perfectly with any type of home. It gives you the tools you need to design interiors without any expert help. By therefore using Map Poster Mapiful, you have the opportunity to express your tastes while immortalizing your travel moments.

A high quality product

Map poster posters are printed fairly carefully on high quality paper. This is FSC certified. This gives you the guarantee that your accomplishments can last a lifetime.


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